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When I started a blog called Run, Selfie, Repeat in 2013, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I had just “gone viral” for taking selfies with "hot guys" behind me while I tried to survive a half marathon. Suddenly, I found myself on Good Morning America and was struggling to navigate the fleeting hurricane that is going viral.

That’s when my badass lady gang swooped in and encouraged me to start a blog and run with my five seconds of fame.

I wanted to inspire people who, like me, had a hard time with physical activity (that’s putting it lightly – I used to call myself the President of the "I f*cking hate running club"). I set out to inspire people who were struggling to find a way to feel proud of themselves. And so, I started a running blog because despite the fact that running consistently humbled the hell out of me, it also gave me a way to set a tangible, seemingly impossible goal, and work to make it a reality.

A lot happened in a very short four years. I met the royals, went from “I don’t think I’m a runner” to a 3 hour and 41 minute marathoner(!!!), started the #SportsBraSquad, landed the cover of Women’s Running Magazine(!!!), and saw thousands of badass women cross their very first finish lines.


Looking forward, I knew I was ready for my next leap of faith, to allow Run, Selfie, Repeat to evolve into the platform it was already becoming: 

A place for women to share their stories and the stories of the women who sacrificed everything for them. From identity and purpose to equal pay and work life balance, She Can & She Did is a platform dedicated to leaning into our doubts, fears, frustrations, and pre-defined limits and showing the world that we’re capable, complicated, smart, flawed, persistent, and beautiful just the way we are.

For those of you saying,“BUT WAIT! WHERE’S RUN, SELFIE, REPEAT GOING?! WHO WILL COMMISERATE WITH HOW SHITTY AND EQUALLY WONDERFUL RUNNING CAN BE WITH ME!? WHO WILL REMIND ME THAT I'M NOT ALONE ON THE RUNNING STRUGGLE BUS?!” Have no fear! Until women stop equating their worth with their waist size or until magazines stop selling the 'ideal' aesthetic, I'm going to be screaming from the rooftops about the importance of health, body image, and getting active in ways that empower us (LIKE RUNNING!) all the while making you laugh because working out can suck and laughing makes it at tiny bit less horrible.   

The Run, Selfie, Repeat podcast isn’t going anywhere either. In fact, a SECOND podcast is in the works, She Can And She Did! And until I qualify for the f*cking Boston Marathon, that impossible goal that just may end with me being committed, the BQ or Bust or bust vlog lives on! Stay tuned for BQ or Bust 3: Why Is Running So F*cking Hard! (Small joke, that's not really what I'm calling it. But it's true.)

I have huge, ambitious plans for She Can & She Did. I know it won’t be easy but one thing I’ve learned from the badass lady gang is that:

no matter how hard something seems, we really are stronger together.

The future isn’t just female, it’s strong, smart, emboldened, united, driven, funny, and ambitious as hell.


Kelly Roberts

Founder of She Can & She Did (formerly known as Run, Selfie, Repeat)