What To Expect The Day After You Run A Marathon

So you ran a marathon. Here's what you can expect the rest of your week to look.

You may wake up a little uncomfortable.

everything hurts.gif

Trying to get out of bed lends itself to a literal interpretation to "falling out of bed."

You have to ask your roommates, parents, and/or significant others help to get dressed.


Staying home from work will seem like a good idea.


But you don't want to be the only person at work who ran the marathon and stayed home.

You will either find creative ways to go up and down stairs or avoid them like the plague.

slide down stairs.gif

Standing still for more than 5 seconds is a death sentence.

tin man leg.gif

Mounting anything will prove challenging.

You may want to leave earlier than normal if you plan on shuffling to work.


You will feel solidarity when you see fellow marathon shufflers. No words are necessary. You know. You just know.


Walking around the office will prove incredibly challenging.


White shirts should be avoided at all costs.

bloody nipples

Getting a massage may seem like a good idea but it will actually be the most painful hour of your life.

kitten massage.gif

You will sleep deeper than you've ever slept before.

cat boop.gif

But it's all worth it, because for the rest of your life you will be able to say "I Ran A Marathon."