but What happened to run, selfie, repeat?

I know what you're thinking,“But what happened to Run, Selfie, Repeat?! Who will commiserate with me about how shitty and equally wonderful running can be?! Who will remind me that I'm not alone on the running struggle bus?! WHO WILL MAKE FUN OF HOW HARD IT IS TO BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE!?!"  

Don't worry! Until women stop equating their worth with their waist size and until magazines stop selling this BS 'ideal' aesthetic, I'll continue to scream from the rooftops about the importance of health, body image, sisterhood, and getting active in ways that empower us. 

Think of She Can & She Did like the bigger, better version of Run, Selfie, Repeat complete with new adaptive training plans that will help give the empowering gift of running to women all around the world. (Keep your eyes peeled for more info on those training plans.)


The Best Of Run, Selfie, Repeat