Ep 12: Authenticity and Our Need To Be Liked

Authenticity is a buzzy word that people LOVE to throw around. But it's hard to be authentic because we live in a hypercritical social media obsessed world where "likes" have created a new form of status and success. For me, being authentic is infinitely more important than being liked because I spent a long time deeply insecure, hiding behind a false sense of self. Then my brother died and I shattered. With time, I realized that it was so much easier to be the person I was instead of convincing the people around me I was someone I wasn't. So let's talk about our quest to be liked, validated, and understood!

What do you think about dragging your baggage into a room, fighting the urge to fix it or change it, and just sitting with it? Easy? Impossible? Let me know in the comments below!