Ep 84: Bouncing Back From Failure

Sometimes, even when you have every single tool in your toolbox, and you still fail or fall short making whatever you set out to do a reality, it’s hard not to question yourself. Why you’re working towards making your impossible goal, possible. You can't help but ask yourself if you’re good enough. If you’re cut out for it. If it’s worth it. Or if the disappointment and hurt are worth trying again.

And the answer doesn’t always have to be a resounding, "Yes!". Here’s the value in having the courage to crash and burn after giving 100%: Eventually, you'll crawl out of the hell hole you find yourself in with a completely different outlook. You know how hard you can work. You know what it felt like to doubt yourself and prove yourself wrong. You see the power of hard work and persistence. And most importantly, you learn firsthand that anything worth doing isn't just going to be hard, but takes a hell of a lot of time, patience, and persistence.  

Bouncing back from failure isn’t something you can do overnight. I don’t care how many Pinterest quotes you put onto your vision board, you can’t fight through the fog or pull yourself out of the shame cave until you’re ready. You can’t force yourself to move past it. When you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll know. And you’ll be able to see what you can do differently a hell of a lot more clearly.

The only way you'll fail is if you fail to try. I truly believe that. Not every day is going to be the one you worked for. But as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, anything is possible.

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