F&ck Dieting T-Shirt

F&ck Dieting T-Shirt

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A t-shirt that doesn't just look cool, it screams, "WE'RE NOT TAKING YOUR BS ANYMORE." A poly blend (75% polyester/ 13% cotton/ 12% rayon), this shirt isn't just made to move, it's made to kick ass and take names! The fabric isn't luxurious but it's soft enough and durable as hell! (Kind of like a woman's spirit.) Let's reclaim the word "diet" shall we? Remember, health isn't a look. It's a lifestyle!

SIZING: The F&ck Dieting shirts fit very true to size. (For reference, I am 5'7", a size 8-10 and I rock a medium.)

**#badassladygang, please remember, I'm not Amazon. I'm only one human on a mission to empower and unite the #BadassLadyGang so please TRIPPLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS BEFORE CHECKING OUT! All sales are final.** 

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