From Justin to Kelly: This Is Where Change Happens

Another week has gone by and I've made the next step in my lifestyle change. This week I joined a yoga studio that also offers conditioning classes. One of these conditioning classes is called “PXT” which is a combination of yoga and crossfit and it kicks my ass in the best way possible. Another is an ass whipping barre class that left me so sore I was struggling to walk the next day! (Ask Kelly, she made fun of me all day despite the fact she was waddling worse than I was…She’s a monster.) I'm starting to love that feeling of being sore though! It’s that feeling that if I’m not sore then I'm not working hard enough.

I went to my first PXT with my friend who goes to this class religiously. We were the only guys in the class. This class is so intense, in the first twenty minutes I had sweat through my entire shirt! There were times when I wanted to stop during this class. Times where I didn't think I could continue and then my friend would see me falter or doubt myself and say "This is where change happens! Don't give up!" It was through his encouragement that I found that extra little strength to push myself to do one or two more reps. His encouragement is what kept me going. That simple little phrase, “This is where change happens” has become a mantra for me and is now something I repeat to myself every time I work out. It’s so easy to give in or not push yourself as far as you should when working out because you feel like you just can’t go any further. Those negative thoughts of "can't", "wont", and "I will never make it" take over and we stop early or we don’t fully complete reps. We are stronger than we think we are.

Something I love about yoga is that it sculpts both your body and your mind. I'm finding inner strength where a clear open mind expels negative thoughts. I've never experienced that before when exercising but now I'm doing it! It’s been a huge driving factor in what’s keeping me going! The studio I joined is called “Pure Yoga” and it costs a pretty penny. It’s hard to budget for something like a yoga studio but I’ve come to the realization that it actually is an investment in myself and it is quite literally saving my life. People pay thousands of dollars a year on a lot of health and wellness issues that could easily be prevented or solved by just investing in and taking care of themselves. I’m proof! Additionally, I am saving money by cooking and packing my food instead of constantly ordering out so I’m really only redirecting money allocated for eating out into a healthier option. The saying “it’s too expensive to eat healthy,” I now realize, is an excuse. Sure, making time to shop and prepare food and then go to the gym is hard to carve out. But it’s better for you and for your bank account, so why wouldn’t you just try it? Once you get into a routine, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. I recommend it to everyone.

Another thing about “Pure Yoga” that has been really helpful is that they have yoga advisors that recommend a balance of classes that will challenge you but also classes that will relax and stretch you. Being able to have high intensity cardio/strength training classes as well as recovery/stretching classes has helped keep me moving forward and recovering. (I just have to remember to drink a ton of water.) If you’re in New York, I definitely recommend checking them out.  

I hope everyone has a great week. Monday is exactly one month since I've started this lifestyle change and guess how much weight I’ve lost…. I've lost 22 pounds! Check out my Instagram @justayer on Monday for a progress picture! I'm proud of the accomplishments I've made and can't wait to see what happens in another month!

P.S. Look what I caught Kelly doing. Her excuse is that she’s running 30-40 miles a week and she doesn’t want Boris (what she named that atrocity) to go to waste…So I’ll let her have this one… (Not. Get it together girl!)

I bet that gummy bear tastes like regret.

I bet that gummy bear tastes like regret.

Change can start today. Just think in 1 month I lost 22 pounds, feel healthier and can see a real change in the way I move. I’m only just beginning, but waiting to make a change is harder than just doing it. Thanks for listening everyone.