From Justin to Kelly: Week 1

It’s been a week since I started a lifestyle change and I have stuck to it. I’ve been very strict about what I have been eating and also exercising a lot more than I usually do. The changes have been easy in some ways but incredibly difficult in others.

I have been preparing all my meals ahead of time, putting them in storage containers and bringing them to work with me. It has made the transition so much easier! When I first started measuring out my food, I was like, “Is this it? Like really?” But I immediately adjusted and stopped feeling hungry like I thought I would. The first four days were hell. I’m not going to lie. Especially in our office where there are snacks galore (remember that episode of girls? That's our office.) and a big part of my job is putting the food out! It was REALLY REALLY HARD setting up pizza, snacks and bagels without actually eating any of it. (I saw Kelly sneak a slice of pizza…putting you on blast Roberts. CHEATER!)

The hanger is real! Ya’ll, I’ve had dreams of fried chicken! I woke up thinking I ate fried chicken and actually felt disappointed in myself before realizing it was only a dream. I always hear people say, “When you’re hungry drink a glass of water and it’ll curb your appetite”.  Those people are liars. Now does it help a bit? Yes. But does it keep me from craving chicken wings? No! I will say, green tea has become a staple in my diet. There are times when I just feel like eating or drinking something. I’ve replaced all those cravings with iced or hot green tea. It's not the same as being able to eat a snack, but it does make me feel better than I would if I were to eat a pack of gold fish. (I saw Kelly eat goldfish twice. CHEATER!).


Changing my eating habits has been hard but I am really making an effort to keep up with excising. I’m doing the 100 push-up challenge and the 30 day ab challenge (both are apps on my phone) and I’ve really kept up with them. I’ve also started going to yoga! I love yoga, I already feel an improvement in my back and it has helped me get back in touch with my body. I haven’t been walking as much as I would like, so that is something I really am going to focus on in the next weeks. In the mean time I have made changes like taking the stairs whenever I can. I live off the 181st stop in Washington heights and those stairs are KILLER. It’s a workout in itself. I’m trying to find little changes to go the extra mile. Two changes I have made are walking a subway stop instead of taking the train (unless it’s raining) or getting up from my desk and taking a lap around the office when I feel restless.

I’ve lost 8 pounds so far. I know that sounds like a ton and it's definitely an exciting loss but I’ve made incredibly drastic changes in my diet and lifestyle. Will I lose that much every single week? No, and I know that. This is just the beginning! Health is more important than vanity. I do want to look damn good though, especially for summer, but my health comes first. So if you are reading this and thinking, “There’s no way I can do that” then my advice is to grow a pair and do it. Don’t talk about maybe doing, JUST DO IT. It’s already been a week for me! Time flies!

Below is my current meal plan. I’m doing this for two weeks and then introducing a healthy variety of proteins, fruits and vegetables back into my diet. I like to think of it as a kick starter to a new healthier me! Try it! Disclaimer: The first four days suck but it gets a little easier. But if I can do it, you can do it.

Breakfast: two egg whites with spinach or kale mixed in and a ¼ cup of old fashion oatmeal (not instant).

Lunch/Dinner: 4 oz lean turkey or chicken, ¼ cup of brown rice or quinoa, and a bell pepper.”

IT'S BEEN ONE WEEK AND JUSTIN IS KILLING IT! 8 pounds! He really has been working incredibly hard to commit to the changes. The other day, he got some rough news and he turned to me and said “I am breaking my diet tonight” and I said, “Absolutely not. You are doing so well. It’s not worth it and breaking your diet now will only make you feel worse. Stick with it.” And Justin does the same for me, he scolds me when I eat goldfish and I DID NOT KNOW HE SAW ME STEAL THAT SLICE OF PIZZA! (But I didn’t bring lunch that day and I was too lazy to order food! AND I had an 8 mile run that night so I needed to eat something. I know I know, cheating is cheating.)

I have a lot going on this weekend! Tonight I have some hill repeats in Prospect Park (yay hills!) and tomorrow I am going to the Big Apple BBQ in Madison Square Park where I plan to behave myself and not stuff my face with ribs like a little piggy. But there will be tons of pit masters from across the US, live music and beautiful weather so my friends and I are Madison Park bound for some Southern fun in the city! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Then Sunday IT’S EVERY THEATER KID’S NATIONAL HOLIDAY, THE 2014 TONY AWARDS!!!! I have an 11 miler in the morning but then I will be glued to my couch and television! I haven’t seen many of the shows nominated because I have been so utterly busy but just being in New York for the Tony’s is magical. My friends and I will be celebrating (Playing the 2014 Tony Awards Drinking Game, no we won't but wine will definitely be involved. ) and we will laugh and cry as our favorite people sing and joke about how hard it is to be in the theater! I CAN’T WAIT!