From Justin to Kelly: Old Clothes Edition

Well ya’ll, this week I only lost about half a pound. Not much at all but I just have to keep reminding myself that I am getting to the point where it's going to start coming off slower than it did when I first started. Even though I only lost a half a pound this week, I’m starting to feel great about how I look. This week I ran into people I haven’t seen in a while. All of their reactions were PRICELESS. Usually it’s something like “damn” or “you look great.” What's been really kind of strange is how some people who I have been acquaintances with suddenly want to be my friend. I don't know if it's because of how I used to look vs. how I now look, but it's made me stop and kind of think about it. 

I honestly don’t have a mirror in my room at home (crazy I know) but now I’m thinking of getting one! This week my pants were FALLING off me. It was driving me crazy. They use to be the jeans I could not fit into and now I can take them off without unbuttoning them. I look at my old jeans and then my new jeans and see a wold of a difference. I feel different in them and I feel incredible. Anyhow, this morning when Kelly and I were joking around we started thinking, what should I going to do with all these clothes I have that don’t fit anymore. So Kelly was like, I will track down some options. I can't wait to see what she's come up with."

ALRIGHT. I've scoured the internet and my brain for awesome ways to reuse your old clothes. So without further ado, here are  18 things to do when you grow out of your clothing.

1. Donate or Sell Your Clothes

Because it makes sense, it's the right thing to do, and you would be amazed what people buy on ebay...

2. Make some new clothes!

Grab some belts and BOOM! New clothes! (I mean, if it's good enough for a Princess...)

3. Make a Bow Tie

Who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned dickie bow? Your girlfriend or manfriend will be like "OH WOW LOOK HOW FANCY!"

4. Make a Quilt


Bonus points if you do it of my face.

5. Make Sacks for Sack Races

Potatoe sack races

Healthy competition, and who doesn't love a potato sack race?

6. Make a Jump Rope!

jump rope.gif

I hear jumping rope is an excellent form of exercise!

7. Make a Rag Rug

I mean does that rug look chic or what?

8. Make a Summer Scarf!

What an impressive summer scarf.

9. Make a Parachute


Because this is the funnest game in all the land.

10. Make a Sail for a Sail Boat


I know one of my favorite games to play is Life of Pi...

And don't think I didn't forget about all those pairs of jeans you no longer need!

11. You Can Make This Hang-y Thing For All The Stuff You Need Hung

hanging thing

Finally you can put your phone in your back pocket and not have to worry about sitting on it!

12. A Futon Cover With Matching Pillows

couch cover

Perfect for any home...

13. An Entire Couch! You Can Literally Sit and Think About the Weight You've Lost!

denim couch

Brownie points if it's a designer jeans couch. Luxury. It's an investment really.

14. An Ottoman to Match Your Couch


Rest your feet on that.

15. This Beautiful Piece of Clothing.

holy cow

"Is that Prada?" "No, but it is one of a kind."

16. The Best Halloween Costume Ever.

jt and b spears.jpg

No trick here but a serious treat.

17. An Outfit For Your Child

Baby Outfit

Actually adorable...

OR just do what you really want to do,



Have a bonfire. Make it a party. Because who doesn't love a good bonfire?

Now get out there and go buy yourselves some new clothes!


You've worked hard and you deserve it.

treat yo self