I Run For Myself and In Honor Of Those Who Can't

I had run a few marathons and several half marathons prior to this year. I got into running in 2014 as a way to stay active and healthy. However, I had never attempted two marathons (let alone an ultra marathon) all in the same year. I was a little nervous. Plus, I was turning 40!

A friend of mine passed away suddenly last year. The week before he passed, he said to me: “We really are so lucky, Stephanie. We get to do so many great things everyday.” He proceeded to tell me how proud he was that I started running and how I got my dear husband to run as well. My friend Bill had some major health struggles. At the time of our last conversation, he appeared like he was getting healthy again. It was shocking when he passed away just two days later.

I run for myself and in honor of those who can’t run or who are just too afraid to start. I remember my friend, Bill, and I remind myself just how lucky I am. Note: I was successful in my 40 year challenge! My May marathon didn’t go exactly as I would have liked but I sucked it up and finished. I plowed into summer training, PR’ed my fall marathon in Chicago and completed my first ultramarathon three weeks later. I am thrilled that I had the strength to keep at it.

Cheers to 40 years!