From Justin to Kelly: Mission Accomplished

It has been 11 weeks since my favorite Justin decided to make a change in his life to eat healthier and get active. I'll let him tell you the good news:

Today is a big day. Today is a goal date I set for myself months ago. A simple calendar reminder that said, “Have you reached your goals?” This past Memorial Day I went to a rooftop party with my friends and couldn’t find anything to wear. Nothing really fit me. It SUCKED to have to spend a beautiful day, with my friends, while everyone took pictures and laughed. I felt so uncomfortable. I smiled and laughed and got through the motions but really I was miserable and embarrassed. I did that a lot, went through the motions and acted like everything was okay when it wasn't. I forgot how to value myself. So on that day, I made a goal to change, to become healthier and happier, and today happens to be the date I set for those goals.

On Memorial Day I weighed 236 pounds. Today I weigh 200 pounds. 36 pounds gone and hopefully never be seen again. I still have more work to do on myself but I’m happy with the progress I've made. People notice not only the weight change but a change in my demeanor. My confidence has sky-rocketed! You never realize the lack of confidence you have until you actually have it. I’ve been auditioning, taking voice lessons, and I’ve decided to really focus on my career and what I moved to NYC for. No more excuses. I believe in the value I have in myself. I have value and so does every single one of you. Value is something not many people think about but if we don’t value ourselves then no one else will. If you treat yourself like you matter (and you do so start acting like it) then you will start mattering. You’ll have this infectious confidence and people will flock to you because of it. 

Yesterday was our company’s Summer Event. We went to the Boat Basin on the Upper West Side and we had such an amazing time. Kelly and I like to call ourselves the party starters. We should totally go into business together to make this a thing because we can get anyone dancing. At every company event that has dancing (or even the potential for dancing) we are there right as the music starts dancing our faces off. If you look back at Kelly’s introduction of me (click here) you’ll see a larger Justin still dancing his heart out but super self-conscious. At least I can see how self-conscious I was. Yesterday I felt like the sexiest greatest dancer that ever lived and I danced like nobody was watching because I didn't care about how I looked. I felt confident and I was having an amazing time! All these people have seen my weight loss and now they are seeing my confidence. It was such a fun event with great people and I could have danced the night away with Kelly. I was actually sore the next day we danced so hard. 

My journey isn’t over yet but I feel incredible to have reached my goal of being happier and healthier. I’ve had people say to me that they didn't think I could do it or "it's a lot harder than you think, can you really do it?" To them, I say thank you for your support. And success is the sweetest revenge. But I'm doing this for me. If you are at all struggling with either happiness or health start valuing yourself and have that confidence to dance like no one is watching. It’ll do wonders. Thank you for following my journey. I hope you see that all it takes is the courage to say, "I'm making a change." It's not hard. You can do it.

All it takes is a desire to change and the commitment. To just have the courage to say I'm doing this. 11 weeks is all it took. 11 weeks. You only get one life. Do the things you never thought possible.