10 Days In San Diego

It's taken me 4 days to recover from my trip home but I am ready to dish! You guys, going home for 10 days was to much. I LOVE my family and I love going home but holy moly! I flew Standby first thing Sunday morning instead of taking my scheduled Red Eye back to NYC because I was losing my damn mind. I get anxious when I go back to San Diego for any extended periods of time. 7 days is perfect, it's bliss, anything over and it's a one way ticket to "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Here are my favorite parts of the trip:

1. The Running!

The best part about vacation (for me) is being able to run wherever and whenever I want. I could do my speed workouts (I'm trying to get faster this year...pray for me) at the beach where it's flat (and where the surfers are), or I could run hill repeats in my backyard. There's also an incredible ranch right behind my house called the Leo Carrillo Ranch where there are wild peacocks! I could take quick recovery breaks to go play with the wild pea cocks before tackling a monstrous hill.

2. My Mom and Dad!

Being home to annoy my parents is bliss. There's nothing better than sitting on the couch and screaming "MOM!" or "DAD!" and asking for a glass of water. The answer is always "Get it yourself" or "Don't yell from room to room!" But it's still fun to ask them to do stuff for me. OR to have to ask them to use the car. I felt 15 and it was AWESOME! (I was also able to be home for my Dad's birthday which was really special.)

3. My Mom's Christmas Gifts

My Mom KILLED Christmas. Her gifts were on par this year and had us ROLLING on the floor laughing. (She get's joke gifts from a department store that gives cash returns without a receipt so these joke gifts are her way of saying, "Here's some cash don't spend it all in one place.") Mommy wins Christmas.

4. The San Diego Zoo!

Nothing says a good time like bringing that many people to the zoo. AND we didn't lose anyone, it was a good day. (OK fine we lost Paul! But he had a cell phone and he showed up when he saw someone posted something on Instagram.)

5. New Years Eve!

This year I hopped on a train last minute to celebrate NYE with my newlywed best friends Raven and Tom Tom. They are two of my favorite people (not to mention two of the funniest people) and the night basically looked like this:

There were sparklers, we did shout and formed a conga line, and had a huge night long dance party. AND I made it to bed by 1:00am so I'd say it was a wild success.

6. Cooking and Eating!!!


I LOVE to cook and the only thing I love more than cooking is cooking groceries I didn't have to buy. When I'm home I kick everyone out of the kitchen and do my thing.

7. Running a Half Marathon Just Because.

Well it wasn't really just because, it was just because I was losing my mind being home for so long. And because I wanted to see if I could... But running down the coast from Encinitas to UCSD was the most breathtaking run I've ever done. Best idea ever. (For more on the Run, Selfie, Repeat Impromptu Half, CLICK HERE.)

8. Singing In the Car!

I don't care who is in the car with me, but you best believe we are screaming songs at the top of our lungs.

9. The Crazy Roberts-Kennedy-Misener-Heer-Kinnaman-Morgan Christmas!

I know, I know, I know-Christmas is over and I need to move on but IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! (Miss the Christmas recap? CLICK HERE)


I regret how long it took me so long to realize how much my parents and do for my Sister and I. Or how long it took me to realize the amount of work our entire family puts in to making our get together memorable, fun, non-traditionally-traditional, and different. I'm so grateful for our kooky traditions.

Surround yourself with people who don't care about you because they have to, but with people who want to. Family is so much more than just blood. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.