11 People You'll Encounter On Race Day

Race day is a tornado of a day because you're nervous, excited and full of anticipation. Whether you're running a small local race or a huge spectacle like the 50K runner strong NYC Marathon, here are 11 people you'll encounter on race day:

The First Timers.

Can be spotted by their doe eyed, fierce, and excited waves to the spectators (or to other runners!). They've worked hard for this day and are chomping at the bit to get to that finish line!

The Old Timers.

These runners have run more marathons than you can count and is calm, cool and collected on race day. They are the Yoda of race day and emit an "I'm just happy to be here" glow. Seek these people out because they have the best stories and are guaranteed to motivate you to run your best race yet.

The Really Young Whipper Snappers.

Can be identified by their baby faces and shorter statures. These are the kids who run past you while you proclaim, "That was a kid! I just got passed by a 13 year old!" (But let's be honest, you wish you would have run a half marathon with your Mom or Dad when you were 13. We're alljust jealous.)

The Charity Groups.

Identifiable via their matching race jerseys, smiles and laughs. Not only pumped to be racing but pumped to be changing lives! These people are normally running in pairs or groups and are always looking for the chance to run with others. Struggling on the course? Find a charity buddy and basically a new best friend.

The Coaches.

These are the people who don't know you, have never met you, but still want to see you succeed! They are giving out high fives and "LOOKING GOODS!" and will run beside you if you look like you're struggling. There is a special place in heaven for these people.

The High Fivers.

This person takes those "Touch Here For Power" posters very seriously and lives for those child spectator high fives. Watch your back because they're the ones patting you on it. God bless the high fivers! You are the wind beneath my wings.

The Weavers.

Sworn enemy #1 of all races, you people are giant A-Holes (but we love you anyways...I guess.) We get it, you want to go fast! We're in your way! Cool your jets we're all going to the same place. There is enough beer for everyone! Maybe plan ahead next time and get to the front of the corral! But you do you, it's your world...we're just running in it.

The "How Did This Person Get In This Coral" Runners.

Can be identified because they are running at least 2-3 minutes slower than your pace group. Does everyone need to run fast? No way! Do the slower runner's need to sneak into a faster corral? No! You are the reason the weavers weave (see above)! The corral system exists so the course doesn't resemble a Los Angeles freeway. Stay with your people, run at your pace with your pace group.

The TuTu and Costume Clad Runners.

Why just run a race in normal running clothes when you can run a race looking like a million bucks? Not only are these people making everyone smile but they're making it easier for their friends and families to find them! I love these runners!

The Bandits.

Can be seen jumping over barricades and not wearing a bib. The definition of, "If you can't beat em', join em'!" These guys see how much fun you're having and want to be apart of it! Could they have paid the fee and registered like the rest of us? Sure. But hey, we'll shake our fingers at them and look at them with shame! SHAME! (But seriously, banditing can be seriously dangerous. Never run a race you didn't register for. Accidents happen and if you're not registered, emergency personnel can't do their jobs.)

The Volunteers.

WHAT THE HELL WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THESE PEOPLE!?! They're the ones covered in water and sports drink, dishing out smiles, pointing you in the right direction, and making the entire thing possible. These people make the world go round and deserve all the love. Always remember to thank the volunteers because there wouldn't be a race day without them.

Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.