10 Worst Parts About Having A Sister That Runs

Guest blogger time! My name is Samantha and I'm Kelly's older and wiser sister. I'm Kelly's biggest supporter and will cheer her on any chance I get -- however watching a marathon or half-marathon isn't always rainbows and smiles. Here are the 10 worst parts about having a sister that runs.

1. You travel somewhere new -- but your schedule revolves around their shakeout runs and where they get their bibs.

2. Coming up with marathon sign ideas is exhausting and harder than it should be. 

3. Your sister makes you eat all the pasta and bread with her the night before -- adios diet! 

10 WORST parts of watching a Marathon

4. You have to wake up early. (GIVE ME ALL THE COFFEE IN THE WORLD!)

5. You have to fight people to get the prime viewing spot.

6. You're constantly trying to find her -- wait did they pass, no wait she's at mile 6, 1 more to go.

7. You're feeling like Joan River on 'Fashion Police' scanning runners outfits trying to find your sister wearing a blue shirt and pink shorts. 

8. You're annoyed you are spending your morning having all the attractive men run away from you -- not good for self-esteem.

9. You have to go the bathroom from all the coffee you drank -- and there are NO bathrooms anywhere.

10. Seeing your sister and cheering her on lasts about 5 seconds and then you're on an anxiety panic run to the next spot.

But hey I would do anything for my sister and will be her biggest supporter and fight for her until the day I die (yes, I did beat up someone in preschool behind the shed for being mean to her -- AND STILL WOULD. #YOLO)