11 Anti-Chafe Products Runners Swear By

Hell hath no fury like the moment you get in the shower and realize that sometime during your run, your skin was rubbed raw.

chafing running best products.gif

Nothing ruins a run like chafed nothing. It's painful, inconvenient, and a total pain the ass. (Literally, a chafed toosh can happen!) To help you stay chafe-free, I asked the #BadassLadyGang which anti-chafe products, potions, and lotions they trust when they're running long and it's hot as hell. 

"This is all you need! No scary ingredients is a plus. I use it for running and life (dresses and skirts)" - Andrea S.

"I love my MegaBabe Thigh Rescue!! No chafe since I started using it and it smells great too. I like that it is light feeling on my skin." - Emily C.

Squirrels Nut Butter, $6-$20

"Works great and has a name that makes me giggle! I like the consistency and it’s easy to spread. It’s a bit softer than body glide." - Bethany M.

"Second to Squirrels Nut Butter! Plus you can use it on your face when it’s windy and as chapstick if you buy the salve." - Sara B.

"Also, perfect for triathletes when you need to protect your more...ahem...sensitive areas from chafinggoing from swim to bike." - Erin K.

Australian Papaw Ointment, $25

"I just tried it on a run with a new hydration pack that I was worried would chafe. Worked like a charm! Plus, I brought a small tube with me in case I needed it and it’s nicely portable, so win-win! And it’s chapstick, too!" - Ursula P.

Slather, $10.99-$12.99

"Skin Slather! And Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to help your skin heal post-chafe." - Mikel K.

ChafeX, $23

"ChafeX!!! Life saver!" - Nickie G.

"YES!!! Co-created by a runner and a scientist. It’s amazing!!" - Kimberly M.

TRISLIDE TSLIDE0001 Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant, $14.95

"The greatest stuff on earth and it’s multipurpose!" - Rochelle B.

Reflect Sports Hoo Ha Ride, $20.95

"I was a big fan of Body Glide and/or plain ‘ol Aquaphor, but one day I found myself without either and gave the stuff I use for long bike rides a try and it’s by FAR my new favorite! And the name is hilarious." - Hannah L.

2Toms Sport Shield, $13

"SportShield! I use it running and hiking and never have problems. I like that it doesn’t feel like Vaseline and soaks into my skin, so I don’t feel sticky ever." - Cara E.

"SPORT SHIELD. roll on bottle that’s easy to apply, only comes off with soap. Tested through the sweatiest of runs in humidity, rain, extreme heat and this stuff is MAGICAL. Trust me, your thighs and boobs will be forever grateful." - Cristina C.  

Gold Bond Fiction Defense Stick, $25

"Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick (Body Glide was a complete fail for me)." - Kristy L.

"I just use Gold Bond friction stick. Cheap and effective." - Cheryl P.

Run Guard Anti-Chafe, $13

"This saves lives! And thighs." - Heather Q.

Chamois Butt'r, $15

"This is definitely my fav" - Stephanie E.

"^^this^^ love love love. Never disappoints! No chafe at all" - Patricia K. 

Did we miss your tried and true chafe cream? Let me know in the comments below!