12 Hazards That Are To Be Avoided At All Costs

The hardest part of a run may be getting out the door but the second hardest is making it home unscathed and in one piece. Danger lurks behind every step and one wrong move could lead to an injury. We've all been there, but here are the 12 things to watch out for...

1. Rogue Children.

You know the ones, normally on a scooter or bike but can also take off on foot. These rogue children love to park themselves directly in front of you or underneath you so beware! Not only will you end up hurting yourself (the child almost always walks around unscathed) but you'll get a verbal assault from the perpetrator's keeper.

2. Red Lights and Yellow Lights.

12 Things That Keep Every Runner On Their Toes

I've had more heart attacks watching runners try to run through traffic to avoid a red light than necessary. Runners! Red lights are a pain. We all hate them but SAFETY FIRST! Stop risking your life and the live's of others just because you don't want to stop at a red light. Take that time to dance to your music or reflect on your life. Or just sit still for those few moments until the coast is clear. You're scaring the drivers and giving us a bad rap. 

3. People Who Walk Right In Front Of You. 

If you're running, pedestrians are like magnets. Unfortunately we don't live in a world where people are aware of their surroundings so they are happy to walk right in front of you. Baffling and annoying? Absolutely. But it is what it is. Keep those eyes peeled.

4. Cars That Are Trying To Run You Over.

Some cars are actually trying to run you over. Does that sound crazy? Yes. But I swear it's true. Always run the opposite way of traffic and watch out for those crazy people who are actually trying to run you over because they're out there...

5. Sticks, Rocks and Roots.

Arguably the three most dangerous offenders on this list, I've seen more sticks, rocks and roots derail a runner's entire training year than I have seen Real Housewives cry. Beware of all sticks, rocks and roots. They are not to be undermined and should be avoided at all costs. Honor them. Fear them. Avoid them. Go around them.

6. Dogs.

Dogs come in two forms, leashed or unleashed and both are equally dangerous. There's the Dog who is clearly walking his owner and will bolt from point A to point B RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, pulling a clearly annoyed owner along with it. And there's the unleashed Dog who is making a break for freedom, right between your legs. Beware of Dogs...you never know what their next move will be...

7. Unforeseen Holes and Pot Holes.

Holes, holes everywhere! Holes and potholes are often unforeseen and can bring you down quicker than you can say, "Post run beer." I've tripped over more holes than I can count and it's always embarrassing. Watch out for those holes.

8. Deceiving Curbs.

Curbs are always higher or lower than they look. Why? Because you've been running and you're tired! You're depth perception is off! You told your brain step up but suddenly you're lying on the concrete. Slow it down when hopping on, off or around curbs. No need to face plant and hurt your money maker (IE your face).

9. Extreme Cyclists.

"ON YOUR LEFT" sends chills down my spine. Cyclists are worse than cars because they are going a trillion miles an hour, in your lane and don't like to use their brakes. Are their courteous cyclists? Sure! I just haven't met any yet...

10. Tourists With Selfie Sticks.

Tourists! Knock it off with the selfie sticks! If I wanted to get clothes lined by a selfie stick I'd make that happen. They whip them around like they are waving a flag so exercise caution whenever you're around tourists. Those selfie sticks come out of nowhere.

11. Trees and Bushes.

12 Things That Keep Every Runner On Their Toes

I can see it now, my tombstone will read, "Where did that tree come from?" This also doubles for branches but trees and bushes are dangerous. They come out of nowhere. I know what you're thinking, "That doesn't make any sense." Well yes, it does, because a side effect of running is see through trees and bushes. This is why I often run straight into branches...because I didn't see them. #Science.

12. Spooky Flying Devils.

If this doesn't keep you on your toes...I don't know what else will...

What are some running hazards that keep you on your toes? Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.