14 Scenarios That Are A Runner's Worst Nightmare

Most runner's are very particular about where they run, what they run with, and how they train. We all have these routines that we stick to, rarely deviating from path we've set for ourselves. We fear the moment when disaster strikes and all hell breaks loose. The crack in the road that leads to a fracture, that strange pain in your hip that turns out to be IT Band related, or feeling that rumbly in your tumbly and realizing you're a mile from a bathroom. Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you 14 Scenarios That Are A Runner's Worst Nightmare. 

1. Pressing pause on RunKeeper or your GPS watch and forgetting to press resume.

2. Getting to a water station during a race and finding only sports drinks.

14 Scenarios That Are A Runner's Worst Nightmare

3. Runners who stop during a race without warning.

4. Runners who don't signal and collide right into you.

5. Getting 5 miles into your long run and realizing you left your energy gels on your bed.

6. Runner's trots. ::shudders::

7. Having to start in the middle of the pack before a race and getting stuck behind slower runners.

14 Scenarios That Are A Runner's Worst Nightmare

8. Long porter potty lines.

9. Getting to a race late and not having enough time to go potty before the start.

10. Tripping over a curb and ending up in a cast.

11. Cyclists who don't yield.

12. Cars that roll through stoplights or stop signs.

13. All collisions.

14. Coming in last.

Here's to hoping none of these things ever happen to you. What's your worst nightmare? Share you running horror stories! Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.