15 Things All Runners Know to Be True

1. The hardest part of a run is almost always just getting out the door.

15 Things All Runners Know To Be True

2. It’s a lot easier to fall out of shape than it is to get in it.

3. It’s easy to spend way too much money at a running expo.

4. Never eat something new on race day.

5. Progress takes time. (A long time.)

6. Don’t compare yourself with other runners, ever.

7. You can’t wait for the weather to cooperate.

8. There is never and will never be a right time to train for a half marathon or marathon.

9. When you get discouraged, make a list of all the reasons why you started and continue to run.

10. Not all runs are enjoyable; sometimes the joy comes when you finish a run.

11. You can’t be afraid to fail.

12. Don’t stop at the water stand.

13. Injuries are a lot easier to prevent than they are to fix.

14. You don’t have to run a race. There will always be another race.

15. As long as you aren’t walking, you’re running.