16 Feelings All Runners Live For

When you start running it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but once you get there your whole life shifts. You find you're happiest when you're running. You're not you when you're not running regularly and when that happens, you start to notice the little things. Here are 16 feelings all runners LIVE for:

1. The Rush When You Get When You Register For A Race.

2. Feeling Exhausted After A Really Hard Run and Finally Getting Into Bed.

3. Going Out To Eat After A Long Run.

4. The Feeling You Get When You Watch Video's Of Your Favorite Race Ever.

5. That Moment You Realize You Are Going To PR.

6. Reviewing Your Race Day Photos and Not Finding One Un-Flattering Photo Among Them.

7. Standing In Your Corral Right Before the Gun Goes Off.

8. Taking A Bath After A Really Tough Run.

9. Finding Your Family or Friends Cheering For You Along A Race Course.

10. Feeling Like A Billion Bucks When You Tell People How Far You Ran.

11. The Feeling You Get When You Walk Into A Race Expo.

12. Running A Personal Best.

13. Going For A Run After A Really Shitty Day.

14. The Sensation That Washes Over You When You FINALLY Get Your Post Race Beer.

15. Making New Friends Who Love To Run.

16. The Feeling You Get Every time You Run Further Than You've Ever Run Before.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg. What am I missing? What are some of those feelings that you LIVE for?