19 Ways To Trick Your Friends Into Running With You

I don't have a lot of time to see my friends. Between working long hours, training for marathons and trying to find time to sleep, "spare time" isn't something I have much of. It's so much easier to see my friends when they're running with me! With some practice, I've mastered the art of tricking my friends into becoming runners because it's so much more fun to run with your friends! Here are some of my foolproof tips to get your friends to run with you:

1. Bribe Them.


Massages, treats, money. Do whatever it takes.

2. Make A Bet.

Nothing like a little friendly competition to light a fire under someone's behind.

3. Trick Them.


"Let's go to spin! Just kidding! We're running LET'S GO!"

4. Set Them Up With Your Runner Friends.

Find you love

It's no lie that runners are almost always incredibly foxy. Go join a running group and set all your single lady or man friends up with your foxy runner friends. Everyone wins.

5. Kidnap Them.

run for your life

Nothing like a little adrenaline to get them in the mood to run for their life.

6. Take Them Shopping Only For Cute Running Clothes.


"Look at these pants! AND THESE PANTS! AND THESE SHOES! AND THIS SPORTS BRA! Now let's go run home!"

7. Lie and Say You're Going To Yoga And Give Their Mat To A Homeless Person.

i lied


8. Sign Them Up For A Race.

yeah i did

"I signed you up for a Half Marathon and I told your entire family and friends you're doing it! Let's get training!"

9. Say Really Nice Things To Them When You Run.

nice things to me

Who doesn't like it when someone says nice things to them?

10. Meetup At The Wrong Place Then Tell Them It's Really Important You Are On Time And Make Them Run There With You.

hate this

They'll either A-realize they are really out of shape and will trick themselves into wanting to start running or B-They will hate you. Either way, you will get them to run.

11. Distract Them.

dance now

Becoming a runner sucks. Distract them from the fact that their body is rejecting them!

12. Talk Running UP!


Not that you don't do this already, but make running sound AMAZING. Bring your running friends around and only talk about how much fun you have running.

13. Make The Distance Vague.

where are we

Let's just run that way...and then keep going. Oh it's just a little further...just over there. Oh wait! Are you in the mood for (insert food place that is at least 1-3 miles away)? Let's run there!"

14. Dangle A Cupcake In Front Of Them.


Works every time.

15. Have An Intervention.


"We're all here because we care."

16. Buy Them Drinks Afterwards.


Post run drinks are always a good motivator.

17. Pay Someone To Dress Up Like A Zombie and Chase Them.


This is foolproof.

18. Make It Fun.

It's hard to hate something that is buckets of fun!

19. And If All Else Fails, Get Them On A Bike and/or Skateboard.

Sammy On A Bike

At least they're hanging out with you...

What are some of your favorite ways to trick your non-running friends into running? Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.