Your 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Kelly's Favorite Things

IT’S THE HOLIDAY SEASON AND A WHOOP DE DOOP. AND DIPITY DOP. AND DON’T FORGET TO PICK UP YOUR STOCK, HE’LL BE COMING DOWN THE CHIMNEY DOWN. You know, after doing that I am 80% sure I don’t know the lyrics to that song. MOVING ON, it’s the most expensive time of year friends which means it’s time to buy presents for all those people you love or love not so much! I buy presents for no one because I am poor so this year everyone is getting a haiku and a signed selfie because Shutterfly thought it would be funny to accidently send me 40 5x7 printouts of my face.

I wanted to take today to play Oprah and create a Kelly’s Favorite Things for all of you struggle bus drivers who can’t figure out what to get your crazy runner or workout fiend. I went ahead and made a list of all the things I want for Christmas (or already have and think you’d like as well) and broke them into price categories because I love you. You're Welcome.


Versa-Loops PT Bands $2.80-$20.00

I know my feet are ugly. I run. It's what happens.

I know my feet are ugly. I run. It's what happens.

These are great for hip and leg strengthening. I found out about them from my Physical Therapist and they are working wonders on my weak hips.

13.1 or 26.2 Sticker $3.00

That 26.2 sticker literally got me through my first marathon. I kept repeating, "I want that f-ing sticker. KEEP GOING."

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Cream $9.00

I have over 5 tubes of this stuff. It's seriously the answer to everything.

Smart Wool Socks $15.95

It's winter and wool socks are a must. But honestly runner's always need socks. I prefer the tab so if you're at a loss just get someone socks.

TP Massage Ball 19.99

You roll around on this little ball and use it for deep compression and release on your muscles. My PT has me use it. I love it. You need it.

Head warmer headband $20.00

You can get these for as little as $5.00 but look for something dry wicking and that covers your ears. Bonus points for fleece!

Marathonfoto $19-1 trillion dollars

No one likes sharing their proofs! Buy someone their photos! They will love you forever!

This is a thoughtful surprise gift. Finding your friend or loved one's photos are easy, you just need their last name and race name. Then you can buy prints, digital copies, or a cd of their race day pictures. WARNING: MarathonFoto is ridiculously expensive.

Road ID Slim $19.00

I only just found out about these but they are brilliant. Safety first right? These are great to wear if you run without ID.


Hilarious running shirts $20-$40

I mean seriously? You need all of least I do...

SpiBelt with Gel Loops $21.99

My SpiBelt is probably my absolute favorite running accessory. It holds my phone, credit cards, cash, keys, and my gels. It's as close to Mary Poppins bag as humanly possible.

Nuun electrolyte tabs $22-$24

These guys are awesome. I only just found out about them and I'm hooked. You get the benefits of a sports drink without the sports drink. And if you use energy gels, these are the perfect compliment.

Swell Bottle $25-$45

I drink about 504 water bottles a day so my best friend Raven got me a s'well bottle for my birthday. Not only are we now saving the environment but I can track the water I drink. Running requires some serious hydration and this is my favorite re-usable bottle ever. It works hot and cold. It's a game changer.

Touch Screen Gloves $25.00

No explanation necessary. Do you need tech gloves? No. Do I need them? Yes. I need them for texting, emails, changing songs, RunKeeper, and SELFIES. If it's under 45 degrees I wear gloves.

GU Energy Gel $26.95 (My favorite is salted watermelon)

I love GU and I always forget to buy a box. Buy someone a box of GU and they will love you forever.

Runkeeper Elite $39.99 a year

Look I have two different GPS watches and I hate them both. The only thing that I have found that's dependable is RunKeeper. Not only that but it's the reason I was able to stick with running. I found a half marathon training plan and made it happen. I've trained for every single race with it and I am a full on believer. (And I can neither confirm nor deny some possible training plan collaborations in the near future. So if you aren't using it now, you may want to start.)

Trigger Points Foam Roller ($39.99)

Don't buy a cheap foam roller. Get a good one and use it often.

Yak Trax $39.99

I just got a pair of these and I am so excited to be able to run in the snow and ice! (And you feel like an astronaut which is super groovy.)

Superfeet Insoles $40.00

If you aren't using insoles you are a crazy person. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AND GET THEM NOW.


Sponsor a Race! $50-$200.00

Races are EXPENSIVE and what better way to give the gift of running than by paying someone's race entry fee? Both RunDisney and Rock N Roll are great series to run, why not buy someone a race? WHY NOT!?!

Massage $50.00-$100.00

No picture. No link. This is self explanatory. What runner doesn't want a rub down?

Asics Gel Excel33 $65-$80.00

I wore these in the marathon and they are tied for my favorite shoes ever. They are super light and they were so ridiculously easy to run in. I love them I love them I love them. And they won't break the bank #BONUS.


R8 Roll Recovery $120.00

This thing is the holy grail of self massages. I use it when I'm at Physical Therapy and I'm obsessed. Pricy? Yes. Worth it? Hell yeah.

BioSport In-Ear Wired Ear Bud With Heart Monitor $149.00 (with one month free of RunKeeper Elite)

I haven't been this excited about something since Furbies. I JUST got a pair of these and I am jumping up and down I'm so excited about them. They have a heart rate monitor IN THE EAR BUD. So no uncomfortable strap necessary! And it syncs up with RunKeeper and many other running apps to track your workout. It's so cool I could faint.

Asics Gel Kayano 21 $160.00

This is currently the shoe I'm rocking and it's the Cadillac of shoes. Talk about a smooth and luxurious ride. I love them oh so very very very much.

Guaranteed entry to the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon with Team for Kids $1,500



This one's the priciest gift of all but for $1500 you can get guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon next year AND it's a beautiful tax deduction. Running the marathon with Team for Kids was incredible. From heated tents on race day to a huge supportive network throughout the training process, they made it easy to run a marathon. People of all different ages and athletic levels participted and it made the marathon that much more incredible. I'll expand more on the benefits of running with a charity but I can't say enough good things about Team for Kids, what they do for the community, and how they train you to run the marathon.

I ho-ho-hope that helps! Did I miss anything? What's on your wish list this year?

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.