Signs and Cowbells

Non runners! This is your post! My absolute hands down FAVORITE part of race day are the spectators. I live for cowbells and funny signs. Having complete strangers scream at you is quite an empowering feeling. I wish someone would follow me around every day, popping out with funny signs and cowbells screaming "your amazing! Go stranger go!" Puts a smile on my face just thinking about it! Or even is someone were to spend their Wednesday evening at their local park with a sign saying "Run Now Netflix Later" or "Aren't you Glad Your Not Sitting On Your Couch After The Day You've Had?" Actually, I think I now know how I am spending my rest days...

Runners, what are some of the funniest signs you've ever seen?

Mine: I was running the Disneyland Marathon last September over Labor day weekend and this gem appeared towards the end of the half. It was RIDICULOUSLY HOTT and I was struggling. I think I laughed the entire way to the finish line. They were the Belle of the Ball. All the runners were talking about that sign. My sister finished the race after me and I think it was the first thing out of her mouth. Sometimes signs can make for the most memorable part of a race.

Did you see a funny sign? Take a picture of one? HOLD ONE? Send it to me @KellykkRoberts #runselfierepeat or

AND KEEP THOSE SELFIES COMING! I am loving everything your sending! I've read some incredible stories. I Can't wait to post them!

Who's running tonight? I know I am, THERE'S GOLD IN THEM HILLS! HILL TRAINING.

Until next time.