Happy Marathon Monday!!!! Are you watching the Boston Marathon???? How incredible are these runners!?! Running Boston is definitely one of my top three races. I can't believe how fast these guys and girls are flying! I'm setting my goal for next year but I am going to have to shed some major time off my pace to even qualify! Ever run a marathon? Here's what you can expect the day after you run 26.2 miles. Click Me For Some LOLZ!

Now on to my very, very, very favorite post of the week, MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY! Today is the day we get to hear the “Why I Run” stories of our Run Selfie Repeat Family!!!! Today’s “Why I Run” comes from the INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING Marissa Cruz:

“Hey there!

I have recently started training for my very first ever half marathon. I have lost 30 pounds since my husband came back from Afg. Soooo my daughter told me since she can't run she wanted to ride her bike next to me so she can get her legs ready for our color run!!"

(I'm interjecting. 30 POUNDS! YOU GO GIRL! AMAZING. Ok Back to Marissa-)

"The hardest part for me was getting off the treadmill. My first time running outside was an accident lol I was walking with Jordan my daughter & she was going downhill on her bike & fell I don't think I ever ran so fast in my life to attend to her. It was that moment that showed me I wasn't as fast as I thought I was. On the treadmill I am a rabbit but on land omg I felt sore, my pace needed work badly. So now I try no matter what to get in a run outside vs the treadmill. What helped me stick to it was I made a bet with my husband that for just 30 days I would run a mile everyday no matter. If I made my goal he would treat me to new shoes. I hit my goal it wasn't easy but what also happened was I looked forward to that run each day. It was my time. I got hooked.

My half marathon is August 24, 2014 it's the Hotlanta Half. Since we are PCS to Fort Gordon I had to find one near our new duty station. My training is coming along. The long runs are the most difficult but I am pushing through. I actually put too many miles on 3 pairs of shoes already.

The cutest running duo EVER!

The cutest running duo EVER!

Here is a collage of our pics together. We just did a Pre-Easter 5k this Saturday. It was Jordan idea to wear tutus. Our next 5k is May 3rd we picked super heroes as our running theme for this year. The first pic of her waiting for me at the finish line was the day she asked to train with me so we can cross the finish line together. We also do yoga together. She is really starting like being active. This Saturday I get my Zumba Certification and every other day she is in the living room doing zumba with me. We even went to a few zumba classes together.”

NEW SHOES!?! THE BEST MOTIVATION EVER! Why didn’t I think of that? There is nothing more exciting and daunting than training for your first half marathon. And transitioning from being indoors on a treadmill to to the road can be tough. I personally can't run on a treadmill to save my life but for those of you who willingly use it, making the switch can seem intimidating. Don't let it stop you! The sooner you get out there the sooner your home! Finding ways to stay motivated is the perfect solution for new runners! Keep finding those small attainable goals and celebrate like you've never celebrated before every time you reach one!

How special to be able to spend so much time with your daughter!? That picture of you both in your tutus is perfect. I can’t wait to hear how your half marathon goes Marissa keep us posted!

Why do you run? If you’d like to be share your story email me

It’s a big week for me! I am headed to the west coast on Wednesday for some fun in the sun! We got Disneyland on Thursday, San Diego on Friday, Palm Springs on Saturday & Sunday and Orange County Monday. I can’t wait to be back in the sunshine but I am DREADING those hilly canyon runs! I KNOW I KNOW, hills are good for me blah blah blah. But it’s an exciting week so stay tuned for some MAJOR shenanigans. #HurricaneKelly is headed your way SoCal!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the selfie roundup! Keep em coming! #RunSelfieRepeat