Fail Better

Fail Better. Last night I couldn’t sleep and found myself googling Run Selfie Repeat when I ran into a very groovy blogger. He is turning 35 years old and to hop his 35th birthday hurdle he, in his words, “Got a bit of a wacky idea to commit to thirty five goals in about fifty two weeks to celebrate living with intention. Some of them are just good practice, others are plain fun, and some are dreaming a little big.” THIS IS WONDERFUL. I am completely invested and I think it’s the best idea in the world. When big things happen in our lives, wonderful and tragic, we are changed. And I have found the best way to go forward and adapt with change is to set a goal and move towards it. Do the things that scare you or the things you never thought you could. Try something different and fall in love with new ideas and new ways of life. Let yourself evolve, grow, change, question and FAIL! One of my favorite mantras from college that really is the best gift anyone has ever given me is to “fail better.” There is a time and a place to live and color within the lines but everywhere else-redefine them and make A BIG BEAUTIFUL MESS!

Read this list and I dare you to make your own. I’m making mine right now. Maybe revisit that New Year’s resolution or last years or the one you made decades ago. What do you think? We have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Let’s make a huge beautiful mess.

And in honor of everyone who ran Boston yesterday, here's a taste of what they are going through today.

Everybody do the marathon shuffle! Congratulations you are incredible warrior angels and I can't wait to run with you next year. Go get a massage, you deserve it.