Traveling Running and Overpacking

Before we talk over packing, let's just relive yesterday's saga. So yesterday was Miss Squat Selfie Repeat Tara's birthday.  She had talked about meeting on a roof for cupcakes and drinks. Me being lazy didn't bother to look at the facebook invite and just assumed she meant the roof of her house. So I thought PERFECT I will run from work up the west side highway to her house in midtown! And when I talked to her on Saturday I literally said "I will run over" and she's all "yay!"

Well, I head up town and text "Hey, you guys still at your apartment?" And I get "No, we are at the hotel." I think....what hotel. So I text " What hotel?" and promptly look at the facebook invite. There it was, they were meeting at a hotel. So I go ok, I will just swing by. (I'm going to add here I am a dive bar/ beer garden type of lady. If I have to wear heels there better be an open bar or I'm not going without dragging my feet. I'm not a real housewife. And I don't like getting dolled to the nines if there's not an open bar.) So I head to the hotel and walk in the fancy pants lobby. Clearly out of place, I am getting tons of judgy looks, so I head over to the elevator bank. "I'm going to the roof?" I say to the elevator guard. "No baseball caps upstairs." And I'm all, GREAT. So I head up to the roof and walk into the posh Manhattan rooftop bar and there's Tara in all her glory dressed to the birthday nine's looking ridiculously fabulous and I'm all "HEY GUYS! Missed the memo, my bad." Here's me looking real cute and Tara looking real good. Just another day in Manhattan. But hey, gold star for effort am I right?



What a pal.

What a pal.

So that happened. Enough about me being traumatized, let's talk about over packing.

I am the world’s worst packer. I have over packed since I was a teeny tiny child. I would go to spend the night at a neighbor’s house and literally roll up with a suitcase. My mom would just try to reason with me-

Mama Ursula: “Are you moving in? What’s with the suitcase?”

Me: “I need everything in here.”

Mama Ursula: “You don’t need your old flower girl dress.”

Me: “What if I go to a ball?”

Mama Ursula: “Kelly your 10 you’re not going to a ball. Is that a snow jacket?”

Me:  “What if we decide to go to the snow?”

Mama Ursula: “Kelly, its July there’s no snow in California.”

Me: “Well what if we decide to have a photo shoot?!”

Mama Ursula: “Then wear Bree’s clothes.”

Me: “Bree doesn’t share.”

Eventually my mom would give up and off I went with a plethora of goodies I have convinced myself I need.

As a runner I have twice as much stuff to bring!  I wish you could have seen me packing last night. I was face timing with a friend from home and he was beside himself trying to reason with me. Between the “what is that, is that a stick?” or “you don’t need that, Kelly just bring 2 pairs and wash them.” (Such a guy but also sound advice I probably should have taken.) Just some background before we get to the list-I will be gone for 5 days and I will realistically probably run 2-3 of those 5. So what did I bring?

5 pairs of running pants (just in case I end up running all five days-including today in the airport.)

5 shirts (See running pants.)

2 pairs of shoes (even though I am planning on buying new shoes at Road Runner when I get home. This I regret but it seemed logical at the time.)

7 pairs of socks (you know, just in case.)

10 Sports Bras (I double up so this makes sense. Ok, it doesn’t but they are small so I get a pass.)

5 Gu’s (I will not use 1 of these because my longest run will be 10 miles. But then again, what if I decide to run a marathon when I get there? Stranger things have happened.)

A water bottle pack (It’s hot in So Cal, there aren’t as many drinking fountains and this was necessary.)

A rolling stick (because I am sore and it doubles as a weapon on the off chance I am accosted at LAX.)

My running belt (Holds my money, keys and keeps my phone accessible for hottie hunting.)

And 3 baseball caps (I will wear these when I am not running so it doesn’t even count.)

Running gear occupies a lot of space in my suitcase!  But when I vacation it’s important for me to get out and run in the mornings because I tend to drink eat a little more than usual. (Especially this trip-it’s a bachelorette party.) Luckily I am a morning person so getting up and getting in a few miles before everyone even wakes up is easy for me (and it buys my friends a few hours so I am not poking them asking if they are awake yet. I know, I'm that person.)

But packing extra running stuff it is not the easiest task in the world. Imagine my heartache when I had to make Sophie’s choice against my 18th maxi dress and my water bottle pack. I need that bag Hermione Granger carries around in the last two or three Harry Potter books!

I need it all! I went to Ohio last month for my beautiful cousin Kate’s baby shower and I brought 1 carry on suitcase. (It was a really big deal for me.) But I didn’t bring ANY running stuff thinking, “it’s 3 days I probably won’t even have time to run.” I get there and my cousin Sara is all “I’m doing the couch to 5k challenge run with me tomorrow.” And I was obviously like "YES!" So off I went to Nordstrom Rack to try to find affordable running pants, a running shirt, running shoes, (luckily I brought socks), and two sports bras! So about 100 dollars later I was really regretting not checking a bag like I had wanted to. And I had to wear that stuff two days in a row! (Luckily my amazing Aunt funded my cause so I didn't have to beg on the subway when I got home to make rent.) So see! Better safe than sorry!

So besides the packing dilemma I am so, so, so, so, so excited to go home to SoCal! The weather forecast is perfect and I get to see my Mommy!!!!!! And my cats (Oprah, Steadman and Baby Kitty), my friends, my neighbors, and my family! And I get to enjoy some delicious hills (ew not excited. BOO hills. Back to a 10 minute mile.) But SoCal is just about the perfect place on earth so stay tuned for a change of scenery and hottie hunting surfer boy edition!

So cue the Beach Boys, I am Cali bound! IN N OUT ! IN N OUT! IN N OUT! IN N OUT! IN N OUT! IN N OUT!