A Long Overdue Selfie Roundup!

I'm back on the East Coast and I am exhausted! There was a baby who screamed BLOODY MURDER the entire way from Long Beach to JFK. It was miserable. I hardly slept. I was so tired after we landed I bit the bullet and decided to take a cab home so I could nap for an hour before I had to leave for work. But I get to run after work today which I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about.

BUT WE ARE BACK AT IT!!!! We are 18 days from the Brooklyn half, so what does my training plan look like? We've got intervals today, followed by some 6-8 mile maintenance runs. A 13 miler Sunday and then the same next week. Now My long run the Sunday before the race will be a 10 miler as I start to do a baby taper. What's tapering you ask? It's a groovy animal that lives in the forests and grasslands of Central and South America. JUST KIDDING that's a tapir and a really terrible joke.

Tapering happens when you are about to run a race because that's what your training plan calls for. I don't question runkeeper I figure it knows what it's doing. (OK can you tell I'm in a weird mood. I'm so tried you guys. I need sleep I'm so sassy when I'm tired.) When you taper you decrease your mileage but not your intensity.  Tapering gives your body a chance to recover from the fatigue training causes. This way on race day when the gun goes off your body is race ready. Tapering for a half marathon is definitely different than a whole. Since I am running a half we will focus on that. My taper is going to take about 7 days and will start the Saturday before the race. I will run 10 miles for my long run and then 5 miles Monday, 3 Tuesday, Gym Wednesday, 4 Thursday (run to pickup my bib!), small shakeout 1 miler Friday AND RACE DAY/ HOTTIE HUNTING SATURDAY!

This race kind of crept up on me time wise but I am beyond ready! I CANT WAIT! I am itching to run a race! Anyone running the Brooklyn half? What's your coral & wave placements? Post them to instagram and #runselfierepeat! LETS DO THIS!

Here's some AMAZING running selfies. These make me so incredibly happy.