It's Race Week

I hope you all had a phenomenal Mother's Day. We had an absolutely perfect day in the city. It was 80 degrees and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! I spent yesterday splitting the day celebrating my two New York Moms Deb and Carley. Without these two women New York would not be home. New York is a really tough and brutal city and having fun families to go crawling to after you've been knocked around makes the struggle that much easier. They are incredible mentors, moguls, moms and women. It makes me so happy to be able to celebrate them because they do so much for me.

Mellisa and I AKA Emril and Bobby Flay cooking up a storm.

Mellisa and I AKA Emril and Bobby Flay cooking up a storm.

We started the day celebrating Deb in Chelsea with sweet and savory crepes, mimosas and delicious treats. I love to cook so with my wonderful friends Melissa, Stevie and I all crammed into Deb's gorgeous teeny kitchen to create a crepe feast. I HAVE NEVER HAD NUTELLA BEFORE YESTERDAY AND I AM A NEW WOMAN. I always knew about Nutella and I had tried a spoonful here and there before but I had never actually had it in something, like a delicious crepe. I mean we are talking by the end of brunch I was eating it with my fingers and washing it down by spraying whipped cream in my mouth. I'm not sure what happened to me or what came over but I got chocolate wasted. I hope Nutella and I are never left alone in a room together because it was a pretty scary sight. But Brunch was amazing and we got to enjoy the weather by sitting on the roof surrounded by wonderful company.

Chocolate wasted. (and maybe a little buzzed....)

Chocolate wasted. (and maybe a little buzzed....)

My sister Sammy and I then citi biked from Chelsea down to Dumbo in Brooklyn to have family dinner with our second New York Mommy Carley. The West Side Highway was a zoo! There were people everywhere! It made biking a tad difficult but the weather was so perfect who would choose a 15 minute subway ride over a 30 minute bike ride?!?! We had an absolute ball running around trying to ride the death trap that is the Caster Board. I thought I was going to knock all of my teeth out. And our little cousins were riding around like it was just no big deal. I'm extremely competitive so I was hell bent on figuring it out. I gave up on my third try.

After tons of shenanigans we headed upstairs to their roof for some tacos and beers. The view from their home is incredible. The city is so huge and it really doesn't feel that way when you're in the thick of it. I love stepping back and taking being on the outside looking in. It gives me goosebumps. New York is a pretty incredible place.

Mother's Day Sunset.

I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY struggling with allergies. This whole allergies and seasons thing is brand spaken new to me and I HATE it. I took a Claritin today so hopefully that does something because I have been hacking, sniffling and dying for a week now. I didn't run yesterday because I felt so awful and congested. Here is a really really really helpful article via, SURPRISE, runnersworld about running during allergy season. CLICK ME. God I love they have the answer to everything. I have my fingers crossed that this claritin saves me because allergies really suck. I didn't know how good I had it!

But not even my snotty allergies can stop the excitement that is RACE WEEK! The Brooklyn Half is on Saturday and I am getting all prepped. I am scheduled to be in wave 1 but I think I might stay back so I can take off in wave 2 with my sister and my friends. I always run races alone so I want to take advantage of having someone to pre-race jitter dance with. I AM UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED. Whenever I run a half or full marathon I always take the entire week before to prep by drinking PLENTY of water and eating clean. No gummy bears or alcohol until Saturday (that's a struggle for me. I love gummy bears. A LOT.) It's fruits, veggies and lean proteins for me until race day.

This whole week both Tara and I will be focusing on what to do the week leading into a race. So stay tuned for exercises and stretches from Tara and some fun tips and sport's psychology from me! But I am definitely looking forward to the Brooklyn Half pre-party this week and all the signs during the race! I LOVE RACE WEEK!

Until tomorrow friends! #RunSelfieRepeat