It's Race Day Eve Eve

Photo from Fox 5 San Diego (My parent's live between the Poinsettia Fire and the San Marcos Fire)

Photo from Fox 5 San Diego (My parent's live between the Poinsettia Fire and the San Marcos Fire)

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news, but San Diego is a fiery inferno right now. I feel totally and utterly helpless. I was born and raised in Carlsbad California, North County San Diego, and my phone started blowing up around 3:00 yesterday from friends giving me updates. Tara, my sister and I sat paralyzed watching live streams. And then I watched the fire inch towards my middle school and burn down one of the buildings.

My Middle School

My Middle School

Growing up in San Diego brush fires were always an imminent danger. We evacuated once every few years but this was the first fire that really threatened my part of town since 1996. It was literally a mile within my parent’s home. I was watching videos of flames engulfing homes of my friend’s neighbors and firefighters working tooth and nail to save structures. The firemen of San Diego really are incredible. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to walk into that knowing you are responsible for hundreds of thousands of homes.

This is one of the photos my friends were sending me

This is one of the photos my friends were sending me

9 fires broke out in San Diego County yesterday. NINE. That is unbelievable even for San Diego. It was so terrifying waiting to hear what was going on. My heart is with anyone who lost their homes. San Diego is such a beautiful place and you don’t expect such devastation to occur in such a short amount of time. It’s unreal. It’s hard to say your thankful your home is ok when you know so many lost their homes. I share your loss and hope and know the community will help you through.  Stay strong San Diego, these are tough times.

My mom's jokes.

My mom's jokes.

Now on to some lighter news, Two MORE DAYS! It's Race Day Eve Eve! Did you read yesterday’s posts? They were jam packed with all sorts of groovy information from the inner mind game of race day to how to get your strength training in the week of a race. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TONIGHT KICKS OFF CARB LOADING CENTRAL! (Are you ready for the carb before the storm? Click here for some carbo-loading giggles) Which leads me to, RACE DAY FUN!

To my friends not running the Brooklyn Half or a race this weekend, GO/COME WATCH! Cheering spectators make or break a race. And remember those signs we talked about?! Hello, who doesn’t love a funny sign? I hope to see a bunch of funny signs, cowbells and shakers out on the course. And, I think we’ve already addressed the fact that many an attractive man/woman run so why not go yell funny and encouraging things at them! #hottiehunting

And to those of you running, I hope you will join me in our hunt! What are we hunting (this sounds so creepy, can we address that?) That is to be announced tomorrow!!!!!!!! Any GUESSES!?!?!?!?!?! Here’s a hint I tweeted out the other day.

What is Brooklyn famous for?

What is Brooklyn famous for?

Here are some race day fun tips, tricks and stories:

1. Check the Weather!

If it’s going to be colder than usual go out and buy space blankets or bring garbage bags. (bring one with you to the start and check one in your bag.) Garbage bags you say? What could you possibly do with a garbage bag? WELL you wear them! It’s the cheap space blanket and boy do they work. If you’re not down for the space blanket/garbage bag, wear an old sweater or zip up you don’t mind losing and leave it at the starting line. Most races donate jackets left behind to goodwill or like-minded charities.

2. Check a Bag!

If it’s going to be especially cold or hot it may be prudent to check a change of clothes, especially if you plan on hanging out after the race. There’s nothing grosser than being stuck in salty, wet and smelly clothes for the rest of the day. (I like to pack a small moist towelette to wipe my face off if I am not headed home.) And speaking of checked bags,


I am notorious for this! I like to eat a banana 30-45 minutes before the gun and I like to GU 10 minutes before we take off. I always accidentally leave both in my checked bag. What good is a banana or a GU in a checked bag? NO GOOD. So make sure that amidst the chaos and hustle that is happening, take a second to look in your bag and make sure you have everything you need.

4. Make Friends!

I have run many a race by myself and it’s always a lonely feeling to stand alone in your coral while everyone chats amongst friends. Runners love runners so talk about running! Ask where they are from, if they’ve run the race before, if they belong to a group, if they like the local sport’s team. Don’t be alone! The same goes for running the race! My very first half marathon I was at mile 11 when a girl came up to me. She introduced herself, told me she noticed we had stayed together pretty much the entire race and asked if we wanted to run together. I obviously was like DUH! And we started talking. It was both of our first half marathons and we had the same goal time (2 hours). We both were EXHAUSTED and we pushed each other to chase people down to gain speed. It was just the boost I needed at a really difficult part of the run. It is one of the fondest memories I have of a race. See someone struggling? Pat them on the back and remind them they got this! When I was cramping up during my marathon so many walked with me to offer encouragement or advice. It keeps them going! Be that person!

5. Make Sure Your Bib is Somewhere Secure and Visible.

 You won’t get those race day photos if your bib isn’t visible the ENTIRE RACE. So if you plan on taking a layer off, plan ahead: do you want your bib on your top layer or bottom? (I like to put my bib on my shirt the night before so I can make sure it’s in the right place. The morning of I am a mess of nerves and excitement. Like a little girl going to Disneyland for the first time.

6. Coordinate With Friends and Family If They Are Coming to Watch!

I spent an entire 24 miles waiting to see my parents when I ran my first marathon. They told me they were coming but they didn’t say where they would be! I was terrified I was going to miss them so I spent hours hunting for them afraid I missed them. Then there they were at mile 24 and again at the finish! Meeting up at the finish can be especially tricky so it’s helpful to go old school and designate a tree, stand, cross street or porter potty as to where you’re going to meet. (just in case that phone dies.)

7. Girls, Bring an Extra Hair Tie.

I have seen so many women re-doing their pony tails and then panic when their hair tie breaks. Better safe than sorry or rack up some pre-race karma and help a chica in need!

8. Use the Bathroom Before You Race!

Look, no one likes to have to stop during the race. I like to go twice JUST to be safe! Once when I get there and 10 minutes before we take off. You know, just because I get all paranoid. Porter pottie fun!

9. Warming Up.

If you’re running a marathon there isn’t too much of a need to get warm because your first few miles will act like your warm up. For half's and 10/5ks high knees and other warm ups are good ways to get your body loosy goosy. Just don’t over-do it and poop out halfway through the race!

10. Wear what you know.
I never listen to this rule but once it was a major problem so I get it. They say run in clothes and shoes you are used to because you never know if they are going to rub you the wrong way, literally. I once wore a new pair of pants to a half marathon and they were so tight and uncomfortable I spent a majority of the race yanking and pulling trying to find a comfortable fit. It wasn't cute and ever since then if I want a new outfit for race day I wear it during my shakeout run and hope for the best.

Otherwise, ham it up! Smile for the photos and wave at the people! Have a wonderful and amazing time, there’s nothing like race day! I’m off to the Brooklyn Half Expo tonight, anyone going to be there?

Until tomorrow friends, WHICH IS RACE DAY EVE, #runselfierepeat