Hipsters of the Brooklyn half

The selfie squeal continued yesterday at the Brooklyn half and what better way to pass the time running 13.1 miles than hipster hunting in Brooklyn? The hotties were out in droves and I had a minute where I thought I really should have just hottie hunted but the hipsters didn't disappoint. In case you missed it, this morning GOOD MORNING AMERICA featured my hipster hunt. CLICK HERE to see. (It's at the end after Michael Buble and Godzilla. We are in good company.) A full race day recap is coming your way tomorrow but for now, enjoy "Hipsters Of The Brooklyn Half." (Or you can always check out the live Instagram footage: @kellykkroberts)

Just a hipster king and his hipster queen.

(OK I Couldn't Resist. Not a Hipster but HEY BOY!)

It’s a hipster conga line.

Don’t hate the hipster, hate the game.

Hat, Shades, Neon. LEGGO. 

That fro, fro, fro, fro, fro.

50 Shades Of Grey

Charity Men

Not a hipster, just a hunka-hunka-burning love.

Goin’ for the gold hipster.

Pandalicious Hipster

Undercover Hipster. (That's my boss, CEO of XO Group Inc. Mike Steib.) 

Wayfarer Hipster

Nothing says a hipster like a guy on stilts with a fanny pack.

And because I'm only human...

So what was my time? I broke two hours and ran 1 hour 56 minutes and 4 seconds. 

Until tomorrow #runselfierepeat