Let me say, I am no longer worried about taking a rest day today. If there is one thing about New York that totally blows, it has be lugging suitcases onto the subway. I am leaving early from work to head to California today and seeing as how I am a tiny bit of an over packer, I had to drag a 50 pound suitcase, an over sized purse AND a backpack down 6 flights of stairs and up two more DURING rush hour traffic.

I’m not even kidding you I had to stop and put my hair into a pony tail because I was sweating. I mean, maybe I just have no upper body strength, but I am seriously contemplating taking a cab to the airport because I physically don’t think I can drag my stuff back onto the train. Oh New York, you make going places extremely easy and difficult at the same time.

This leads me to my two favorite T’s, training and traveling! I am all about the adventure, so when I get to travel my heart skips beats and I go pedal to the medal. My last California trip I went a little too hard and only got one run in. Luckily I am still recovering from the Brooklyn Half so this week is all about low impact runs and strength training. My New York Marathon training plan with RunKeeper has me scheduled to run 8 miles on Sunday (wedding day) so we will see if I can drag myself out of bed to run 8 miles before I have to get to hair and makeup. BUT if I run, that means guilt free cake…so I am pretty sure that will get me out of bed to run. I mean, who wouldn’t want to run 8 miles for an extra couple slices of cake? (ok 2, tops. OK FOUR. FIVE. I DON’T KNOW DON’T JUDGE ME. IT'S A FUNFETTI WEDDING CAKE. I MAY JUST TAKE A LAYER...)

So this trip is all about finding time for small distance runs while I recover from the half and focusing more on strength and resistance training. If I plan to somehow magically run my goal time for the New York Marathon this year in November my plan of attack is more intervals, maintain distance runs and commit to lots and lots and lots of strength training (gonna get that core tight and ma’ legs rippling with muscles.)!  My biggest regret from my previous marathon was that I didn’t spend enough time doing strength training.

Why do strength training? IT PREVENTS INJURIES! Think about it, you’re out pounding the pavement for 4, 8, sometimes 10-20 miles and that is a lot of stress to your muscles, bones and ligaments. If your core and your legs are trained they help reduce the stress impact then you are putting yourself in the injury free zone. And you’ll run faster, stronger, longer and happier! NOT TO MENTION you will be sportin’ a bangin’ bod.  

“But Kelly, I don’t belong to a gym.” TOUGH! You don’t need one! That is the beauty of “Workout Wednesday” (Click here for all the Workout Wednesday’s) with Tara over on Squat, Selfie, Repeat! She’s a personal trainer! YELLO! No more excuses! (This is mostly a pep talk for me…I admit I haven’t been doing them BUT THAT STOPS TODAY.) She’s on the team to help you run that 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons or triathlons injury free! So use her! Today I am going to be in JFK squatting, lunging and planking away like a crazy woman before I head to CA.

So here’s my question for you Tara, how often do I strength train? I have my workout schedule mapped out black and white thanks to Team for Kids (the charity I am raising money for as I run the NYC Marathon) and Run Keeper (who makes everything oh so very easy). But I have no clue what I am doing in the squatting department. So I shot a text over to Tara for some advice. She says I should be strength training 3 times a week and to start now.

SO, there you have it! Let’s get toned! I have some serious work to do if I want to break 3 hours 30 minutes so it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and get serious. Who’s with me? Anyone want to try to run a Fall Marathon? If you can get to New York in November, join Team For Kids and run with me! OR let me know what you’re running and we can be each other's support system. Set that fall race goal and let me know what it is! Endurance races are quite an undertaking, but starting now we can’t lose!

SO until tomorrow, where I will be coming at you from the West Coast, #RunSelfieRepeat. Who’s ready for some SERIOUSSSSSSSS shenanigans? Cheers to being the single Maid of Honor. ;) Here's some of my favorite pics with my best  friend and bride to be Raven and her boo bear Tom Tom.