This morning I woke up at 5:30am so I could get a morning run in before work because I am going on a date to the Met’s game tonight. I got out of bed, threw on some spandex, ate a clif bar, practically fell down my 4 story walk up and discovered a ridiculously foggy and dreary morning. I thought to myself, “Running in the park with zero visibility at 5:30 in the morning probably isn’t the best idea.” Determined to avoid becoming a statistic, I made myself turn around, walk back up those 4 wonderful flights of stairs, and crawl back into bed. There is nothing harder for me than missing a running day. I kicked myself the entire day telling myself "It really wasn't that bad, you would have been fine." But alas, I made a good call. Better safe than sorry.

 I have a very difficult time sitting still and taking a day off. It’s on my rest days that I remember why running runs my life. I like the distraction. I try to run 4 days a week with 2 days of cross training. [Monday: Rest Day (Strength Training), Tuesday: Run, Wednesday: Run & Strength Training, Thursday: Cross Train or Run, Friday: Cross Train or Run/Strength Training, Saturday: Run and Sunday: Long Run.] Yesterday (Monday) was my rest day so I went to dinner with my very good friend from college Beau who is in town soaking up some theater. After dinner, I found myself in Anthropologie. I have a shopping problem people. I mean I literally just black out and come to in a dressing room with a $200.00 romper on. WHO NEEDS A $200.00 ROMPER?!? WHAT 24 YEAR OLD CAN AFFORD A $200.00 ROMPER? NOT ME! That's when I start sweating and I’m all, “GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF ME!” It’s bad, I need a hotline. (Disclaimer: I WOULD NEVER BUY A $200.00 ROMPER.)

I run so I don’t go shopping every day after work. I mean avoiding weekend sample sales is already next to impossible but when you're surrounded by fabulous clothing it's really hard to resist! I can’t afford to "pop in" to a store 5 days a week because I will end up the most fabulous bum in New York begging for money on the subway to support my clothing habit. So yesterday an “I’ll just pop in and see what’s on sale” trip turned into an “It's almost 9:00 and I am still shopping.” I had a handful of stuff and luckily I felt unmotivated to try anything on. That little angel sitting on my shoulder whispered to me, "Sweet thang, you not need that pink flamingo yard statue or any more rompers. Put everything back, go home and do some squats."

I don't know about you but I feel like crap on my rest days. I always end up feeling lazy and guilty which is why I try to stay busy. So when I got home, I laid out my wonderful roommate Molly's yoga mat and did my WORKOUT WEDNESDAY squats, lunges, planks and pushups. Tara’s workouts are amazing you guys. I already can see that I am getting stronger. A few weeks ago I could barely hold a plank for 1 minute and now I am at 1 minute 30 seconds! And I can do all 3 rounds of reps without quitting. I’m going to have the best ass in New York in no time. BABY STEPS!

But that leads me to something else that I neglect to do. Who here does drills?



I don’t. I mean I only just started doing serious speed work so chances of me out gravevine-ing or high knees-ing my way through Manhattan are slim to none. Who knew you were supposed to be doing drills!?! THIS IS NEWS TO ME!

I spent the ENTIRE morning scouring the internet for drills and descriptions that didn’t confuse me. There are SO MANY DRILLS OUT THERE (again who knew!?!?) so every day this week I'll give you the run down (PUN) on some groovy drills to make you bigger, better, faster and most importantly stronger. #KanyeWest


This is the article that inspired today’s post. I was scrolling through the Twitter-verse this morning and found a tweet from the Huffington Post with a link to this article, “The One Exercise That Just Might Change Your Running Forever.” In this link you will find a really awesome article with descriptive how-to's and a very informative video! The article is about a drill called "100-ups." The article explains: “George's 100-Up routine is divided into two parts, (that video is majorly helpful) the minor and the major. The minor involves standing with both feet about eight inches apart 'and your arms cocked in running position.'

Then, raise one knee at a time to hip height, bringing it back down lightly to its original position. All that's left after that is to repeat this movement 100 times.

The major involves the same movement at a higher speed. 'The body must be balanced on the ball of the foot, the heels being clear of the ground and the head and body being tilted very slightly forward.... Now, spring from the toe, bringing the knee to the level of the hip.... Repeat with the other leg and continue raising and lowering the legs alternately. This action is exactly that of running.'

The exercises strengthen the hip flexor and quad. 'The 100-Up is essentially exaggerated running form, and performing 100 repetitions can help build muscle memory during a similar state of fatigue that a runner might experience at the end of a tough workout or a grueling race."

The article goes on to stress the importance of establishing proper form by paying attention to returning your foot to the correct starting position, arm swing, maintaining a strong and stable core and landing on the balls of your feet. 100 reps is the goal and George says to start small by aiming to complete 20 perfect reps.

I dig this because I can do it while I wait for the train! How cool am I going to look? I'm just gong to walk around singing "AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES" while I march in place. I mean it wouldn't make sense not to sing that song while you do your reps...just sayin'! Stay tuned for some more super groovy drills tomorrow.

Alright boys and girls that's all for today. I am going on a date to a Met's game tonight and I am pretty excited. I love baseball games. I get to do the wave, I get to scream and yell and I get to wear a hat! #KissCam! So stay tuned for those shenanigans. Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat!