9 Ways to Cross the Finish Line Like A Boss

How do you cross the finish line? Are you a "I have to stop my GARMIN RIGHT NOW!"  finisher? Or a fist pump finisher? Or a "I am about to die" stumbling finisher? I am a firm believer in crossing the finish line like a boss! Here are 9 ways to cross the finish line like a boss!


The gazelle leap.

The 360 spinster.

The "I'll just take this sign with me."

The Gumby.

The Santa's little leapers.

2. Heel Clicking.

The dapper heel clicker.

The "Aint' No Big Thang" Heel Clicker.

3. Cartwheeling.

The symmetrical cartwheel.

The "I don't care about form. Watch This!" cartwheel.

4. On Your Hands.

The team effort wheelbarrow race finish.

The "My legs are tired, I will just finish on my hands."

The front flip.

The "Namaste."

5. The Shimmy.

The "Hit me baby one more time."

6. The Reaction Shot.

The "Oh you runnin so hard."

7. On the Floor.

The "We came, we ran, we fell."

The "Who put that banana peel there!"

8. High Five-ing.

Right in the money maker.

9. Like a Cat.


So there's some ideas. Have an awesome or hilarious finish line photo? Send them my way! Email me at RunSelfieRepeat@gmail.com or use #RunSelfieRepeat via The Instagram and the Twitter! And remember,

So look real good when you hit that finish line. Until tomorrow friends, #RunSelfieRepeat