Running In An Inferno

Holy Hell. Noooooo! I forgot what running in an inferno felt like! I take every complaint about Winter and Spring running back. I have been scouring the web for a time machine, so far NO luck. Ughhh ebay you have everything WHY NO TIME MACHINE?!?! Take me back to Spring! Not only is it hot but it’s HUMID. Summer is officially here.

How was your weekend friends? Mine was fan-effing-tastic, thank you for asking. The weather was practically perfect in every way. It was all sunshine all day. Saturday my friend Aly and I went to the Big Apple BBQ in Madison Square Park and had THE BEST luck in the world. I was really thirsty and didn’t want to wait in a 20 minute line for lemonade (I HATE LINES) so I suggested to Aly that we go to a corner store and grab a drink. So we went to a 7-11 and I was standing in line making jokes with the guy at the counter when I heard Aly talking to some men. I could tell she was trying to shake them off when I heard them use the word “free.” So I wheeled around and said “free? Free what?” And they turn to me and say “we just came from the BBQ thing and we have these fast passes. One of them still has money on it do you guys want them?” And I yell, “YES WE DO!” So we exchanged high fives and off Aly and I went with our $100 of free bbq/front of the line passes. BEST. DAY. EVER. So we stuffed our faces with free briquette and beer and couldn’t have been happier.

Big Gulps and Free Past Passes.

Big Gulps and Free Past Passes.

Sunday I woke up at 11:30 am! I am a morning person who naturally wakes up at 6am EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sunday was probably the first time since college I slept in that late. What was even worse was Sunday was HOTT! I initially checked my phone and saw how late it was and leaped out of bed panicking because long runs take me 3 hours. Then I realized I was covered in sweat. I checked my weather app and realized it was 83 degrees outside. “NOOOOOOOO,” I yelled. I felt dread wash over me as I realized I had to run 11 miles during the hottest part of the day. I gave myself a pep talk, ate an English muffin and a cliff bar, got dressed, bathed in sunscreen and anti-chafe cream and hopped on the train to Manhattan.

This is how I felt during my run. (I felt like Oprah.)

This is how I felt during my run. (I felt like Oprah.)

I decided to change up my long run and hit up Central Park. I took the train from Brooklyn to the Financial District and Citi biked 5 miles up the West Side Highway. Then I ran 1 mile to Central Park, did the loop and realized I was only at 7 miles. I begrudgingly left the park for the West Side Highway to finish the remaining 4 miles. Luckily on the way back there was a headwind. Normally I hate head winds but the breeze felt SO GOOD on my cooking body.

IT. WAS. SO. HOT. Literally every runner I made eye contact had the exact same “Why are we running right now-I want to hop in that fountain or bath in that ice bucket” look on their face. We all shook our heads with heat shame and saluted one another as we slowly ran by.

It’s only going to get hotter so I decided to share some of my favorite ways to stay cool on your runs. I have some hardcore marathon training ahead of me and taking it easy isn’t necessarily an option. So here are 5 ways to beat the heat and stay sane this summer.

1. The 2 Week Adjustment Period

Every website seems to agree that it takes 2 weeks to adjust to the heat. They all also agree that you should take it easy while you adjust. I was running  9:17-9:50 minute miles yesterday. At first I felt defeated and disappointed that I wasn’t running as fast as I normally do. I felt like I was taking huge steps back in my training. But after some research, it appears that it’s not only normal but encouraged! So no sweat off my back, I am happy to slow down for a bit.

2. Avoid the 10am-4pm Dutch Oven

Don’t run between 10:00am and 4:00pm (exactly the opposite of what I did yesterday) for obvious reasons (ie-the UV rays are strongest between 10 and 4 and it’s ungodly hot.) If you have to run during the middle of inferno hours lather up with sunscreen. Need some good sunscreen that won’t fall off when you sweat like a pig? My two favorites are:

 Solbar Shield Sunscreens- has both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. Solbar Shield Sunscreen is hypoallergenic, very water resistant, unscented, and contains no synthetic sunscreen. This stuff is amazing. It’s thick, reliable, waterproof and it will PROTECT YOUR SKIN!!!! (Available online or at most sporting goods stores.)

LaRoche Pose- My personal favorite is the tinted face lotion because it is so light and covers up my beautiful face imperfections. For my chiseled body (lol jk) I like their waterproof body lotion. They have both UVA/UVB protection and are available at most local drug stores. This stuff is tops & they normally have coupons galore (they aren’t super cheap).


Ok I read about and implemented these tips last summer and they life savers. One is to take ice and put it on top of a sponge. Place the ice and sponge under a hat and leave it there during your run. For really long runs you can stop at a food cart (for city slickers) or a convenient store (suburbians) to replace the ice when it melts.

OR you can take ice and fold it into a bandana that you can place around your neck. Keeps you cool as you feel like you’re burning alive.


Do you know what “Drink 5-8 ounces of sports drink every 20 minutes” means because I sure didn’t. 5 oz = .62 cup and 8 oz = 1 cup. I try to drink both sports drinks and water when I’m out running because I feel gross drinking ONLY a sports drink. Sports drinks are essential during hot, hot, hot runs because they replenish sodium and electrolytes that water can’t. Remember to drink 16 oz 1 hour before you take off and then 5-8 oz every 20 minutes during.

5. Protect Your Feet!

Inferno weather = Sweaty feet = blisters. If there ever was a time to invest in some sweat wicking socks, today is the day. Honestly get good socks. Nothing is more painful than running miles and miles while your feet are being rubbed raw. To go that extra mile, invest in chafe cream. Just get it. It’s a godsend. I rub it everywhere before I take off because I hate chafing.

Alright friends that’s all I got for today. It was a jam packed weekend and I am TIRED. But today’s my rest day and I get to see one of my very good college friends who is in town soaking up some delicious theater. Then I am back at it tomorrow. Remember to tag those running photos #RunSelfieRepeat or email me Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat