14 Thoughts I Had On My Long Run

My weekends revolve around my long run. Take this weekend for example, trying to figure out whether to do my long run Saturday or Sunday was like Sophie's choice. Friday night I went to the Katy Perry concert and knew I wouldn't want to run 14 miles on 4 hours of sleep. But then I had plans Saturday day to bar hop for a friend's birthday and I don't like drinking the day before a long run. WHAT DOES ONE DO!?!? I chose to get up Saturday morning and tough it out.

I find that anytime you run over 10 miles your mind seriously has to be in the game or you are in for a really, really, really rough run. The best runs are the ones where your mind wanders, oblivious to the fact that your legs are heavy and you still have many miles to go. Saturday I had a rocking run. I pray for runs like these because a bad long run is torture. Every mile is a pain in the but (an additional pain in your rear to the one acquired from running hours on end.)  Here’s 14 thoughts I had on a long run this weekend....

Mile 1

“What a beautiful day for a run. It’s actually kind of chilly! Yes New York, YES!”

Mile 2

“Get out of my way tourists! The Brooklyn Bridge is for running, not photographs! RUDE!”

Mile 3

“YAS! All these street lights have been green! This is my lucky day, I should buy a lotto ticket!!!”

Mile 4

“Oh hey Lady Liberty! Every time I look at the Statue of Liberty I think about Titanic. God I wish Jack didn't have to die. Rose is the worst. I hope Titanic is on Bravo today.”


Mile 5

“Oh yeah, 5 miles down. Time for a GU. OH THIS GU IS DISGUSTING! WATER! When did I buy espresso flavor? This tastes like dead dreams.”

Mile 6

“Oh I know that feeling…I should find a bathroom. OK I REALLY NEED TO FIND A BATHROOM. PANIC! I’M PANICKING! Oh my lord, look at that man's body! He's like a Greek God! YES CHELSEA PIERS! THERE’S A BATHROOM HERE!”

 Mile 7

“Oh hey stranger, I see you're running as well. Look at us, aren’t we impressive.”

Mile 8

“Ah! That pigeon almost just flew into my face! That was awful! Oh so gross!”

Mile 9

“Central Park! I love Central Park! God Central Park is beautiful.”

Mile 10


Mile 11

“Hmm….I only have 3 miles to go…I don’t think I have to run Harlem Hill today…Yeah then I would have to run 15 miles. Hold on while I do math….6 miles plus 4 miles plus 1 mile plus 4 miles equals 25? Wait no…that’s not right…hold on what mile am I at again?”

Mile 12

“YES! Two more miles! Two more miles! 9 minutes 34 seconds? What happened to my pace?”

Mile 13

“Is it sprinkling? Oh this feels wonderful! Look at that cute dog! LOOK AT THAT DOGS OWNER!!!! HELLOOOOOO HANDSOME! Hold on while I take a selfie. DANGIT! COME BACK! COME BACK!”

Mile 14

“ONE MORE MILE! AND TO BEYONCE!? It’s like RunKeeper and Beyonce are working together! Gosh I hope Beyonce and Jay Z aren’t really getting a divorce. I will be heartbroken. VICTORY!!!!…I’M DONE! THANK YOU BEYONCE! I have so much energy! I think I am going to Citi Bike back and get Chipotle down in Financial…But first, I am gonna get a chocolate milk.”

Nothing says success like a 14 miler and a 4.5 mile bike ride. Then I body slammed a burrito from Chipotle. Next weekend is 15! Now we are getting into the big girl miles! Getting very excited!

Alright friends until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.