The Odds Of Finding Love At The NYC Marathon = 61%

Do you ever wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and think to yourself, “I wish finding attractive and driven people was easy. If only there was a place I could go to see them all gathered in one place.” Well I have your solution! Run, walk, or watch a race! I am not even kidding, there are so many attractive humans at half marathons, marathons, 10ks, 5ks, triathlons, etc. I was stumbling around the internet this morning when I came across some NYC Marathon statistics provided by the New York Road Runners and it made me realize that finding love at the NYC Marathon are pretty high. Let me explain...

1.  45k-48k runners are expected to run the NYC Marathon.

That is a lot of human beings. Right off the bat you have a pretty huge number of men or women to choose from.

Those numbers are promising.

Those numbers are promising.

2. Of those 45-48 thousand runners about 61% are men!

That’s right! Over half are dudes! That’s 27,450 men and 17,550 women all gathered in one place. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel! 

3. Of that 61% of men & 39% of women only 40% are married!

40% are married??? That's less than half! And if you do the math that’s 16,470 UNWED MEN! That's 10,530 women running sans ball and chain! Can you feel the love this morning? I mean if ever there was an opportunity to meet an awesome guy or gal, it’s at the NYC Marathon.


Dead set on finding a husband or wife who's got some sort of higher education. BOOM YOU WISH IS MY COMMAND.

5. 33% of participants are from another country.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE me an accent. If you want to date some exotic cultured person from a different country, now is your chance.

6. They've got great jobs!

Isn't it fantastic when you date people who are employed! Look at all them fancy jobs!

7. You don’t even have to partake to get a piece of the action

Want to know who are the real smarty pants on the race course? Those girls or guys who have the funny signs. You know, the ones that give out free kisses or say something real witty? I mean come one now, this is missed connection central! I can see it now!-

“You were running the NYC Marathon in a bring neon tank and short short short shorts. You were sweaty and I was holding a sign that said “Smack for power.” We locked eyes and you said “Thanks for the power.” I said, “You are welcome. Go get em’ tiger.” Was this you? If so I’d love to grab a beer sometime.”

OR, even creepier option, take a photo of that bib and BOOP-BOOP-BEEP-BOOP you’ve got their name and where they are from. (creepy meh noooooo.) FACEBOOK STALKING ACCESS GRANTED!  Don’t thank me when 12-24 months later (because duh take your time) you are walking down the aisle or eloping at city hall.

LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE! (PS does it look like he's choking her...It kind of looks like he's choking her...)

LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE! (PS does it look like he's choking her...It kind of looks like he's choking her...)

8. You are literally trapped in a holding area for 20+ minutes before the race begins.

No pants, no problem.

Men and women, if you are nervous about talking to someone-they can’t run away from you (no pun intended). They are literally confined to a holding pen! And we all have something in common! We are about to run a marathon! There’s your opening line. YOU ARE WELCOME. You can say "What kind of gu do you prefer?" or "What's your goal time?" "You come here often?" "I have two tickets to the gun show. No just kidding I'm anti-gun. I just wanted to talk to you. Good morning, how are you." "Asics or Nike? Undecided?" "How do you take your Vaseline?" "What are your thoughts on selfies during a race?" "Your bib really brings out the (insert color) in your eyes." "Hi my name is (insert name) and I am running a marathon too."

Alright single friends that is all I have for today. People always say have an A, B, and C goal going into a race. I say have an A, B, C, and D goal. The D stands for date. GO LOCK IT DOWN. Why just walk away from the race with a PR when you can walk away with a PR AND dinner plans? Let's see who can walk away with a winter cuddle buddy! 

Did you meet your man friend or lady friend while running a race? SHARE YOUR STORY! Until tomorrow #RunSelfieRepeat.