27 Funny Marathon Sign Suggestions

The best part of ANY race are the spectators, their cowbells, their smiling faces, AND THEIR SIGNS. I don't think people understand what it means to us runners to have them as a distraction. To have their energy. I HATE races without spectators. They are infinitely more difficult. I couldn't imagine running a marathon without spectators.

There is no better or worse sign. From hilarious signs to inspirational signs, they all are wonderful. I live for a funny sign. I resolve to a puddle of tears at the motivational signs. I took the liberty of making 27 HILARIOUS AND INSPIRATIONAL signs for the NYC Marathon. Steal them! Make your own! Just come out and make someone smile! If you're in the NYC area I hope you come out on race day because we need you. (BONUS FOR #HOTTIEHUNTING OR #RUNSELFIEREPEAT SIGNS! I WILL ABSOLUTELY STOP AND SNAP A PICTURE WITH ANYONE WHO HAS EITHER OF THOSE SIGNS!)

Or if you want to REALLY make us laugh, break down the race into the entry fee! It costs $255 to run the NYC Marathon! That's about $9 a mile! So pretend you are at mile 20:

So, what's your favorite sign you've ever seen during a race???? THERE ARE SO MANY! Have a fantastic everyone. ONLY 9 DAYS UNTIL THE NYC MARATHON! Remember to keep your #SIX02Moments coming and if you can, donate to my effort for TEAM FOR KIDS. CLICK HERE for more information! Every single dollar counts.

Until Monday, #RunSelfieRepeat.