5 Days In The Life Of Kelly Roberts

We're creeping closer and closer to the San Francisco Marathon (YAS SAN FRANCISCO MARATHON! YAS!). I'm still feeling a tiny bit anxious about those San Francisco hills (Shout out to all my friends and family members who continue to remind me that San Francisco is going to be brutal and hilly) but I'm doing everything I can to make sure San Francisco is a fun run and not a "Dear God someone give me a piggy back ride to the finish line" sort of run. That being said, let's catch up.

How are you? It's been a while since we talked about what I've been up to! Here's what is happening in my world.

How Do You Find Time To Workout?

That is a question I ALWAYS get asked. Finding time to workout isn't easy. I have to sit down every Sunday and write down exactly what I have scheduled for the upcoming week so I know what days I can run, what days I have to run before work or if I need to cross train before (and/or) after work. Last week I knew I had to babysit my cousins Thursday night so instead of hitting up spin (I slept through my morning spin class. Sleep > working out) I did some P90X after they went to bed.

I love P90X but I feel like THE BIGGEST FOOL when I do it. After working out with Natalie Uhling at the SIX:02 Week kickoff event, I made a little vow to myself to do more to strengthen my core and upper body. I'm not doing it for any reason but to see what it feels like to be stronger and I'm really curious to see how it affects my running. 

Me and my boy Tony getting down.

I was SO SORE from that SIX:02 workout the day before with Natalie Uhling.

Stretchin' it out.

In through the nose and overrrrrrr.

           "I feel like an idiot."

Am I doing this right?

Sweaty mess.

                                           "Send Help. I've fallen and I can't get up..."

Disneyland's 60th Anniversary

Growing up in Southern California, Disneyland was a huge part of my life. To say my friends and I were obsessed with Disneyland would be an understatement. Not being there to experience their 60th Anniversary has been soul crushing. Thursday night my best friend Raven Facetimed me during the new Parade and Fireworks so I could feel like I was there with her. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry a little bit after we hung up. I know-it's pathetic but I miss Disneyland and my friends and family. It's my happy place. 

Then I looked out the window to this and was like snap out of it girl! You live here!

It's Finally Summer!!!

Friday was supposed to be a rest day but the weather was so beautiful that I decided to throw in a little 3 mile run. Here's a taste of what it's like to run in New York City.

First I run through the city.

Then I get to run along the water.

I was in a really happy mood after my run. There are some runs that are just totally and completely effortless and Friday was one of them. I was in the zone and carefree, enjoying the view and bouncing along...Everything was rainbows and cupcakes. That being said, Friday was wonderful but Saturday SUCKED.

My 17 Mile Long Run From Hell

My God I don't know what happened in that 10 hour window but I woke up Saturday and realized I forgot to buy breakfast food. I planned to run 2 laps of Central Park and then run down the west side highway to meet up with my friend Gregg for a burger and beer. On my way to the subway I stopped into Starbucks to grab a bagel and a banana. Instead of giving me a whole wheat everything bagel, the barista handed me a normal everything bagel with cheese on it un-toasted. It was disgusting! I ate what I could but threw the half of it away. "No problem," I thought, "I still have a banana." Then I realized my banana had a huge slit up the side and had to be thrown away as well. That was mistake number 1. I should have gotten something else instead of trying to run 17 miles on just a half of a bagel.

3 miles in. Not having it.

This is my, "I hate this so much. I want to quit" face. 

When I got to the park IT WAS HOT. It was maybe 9 in the morning and it was already in the 80's. I stopped in Columbus Circle to buy a hat and an extra energy gel and took off. Normally when I'm having a bad run I warm up in 2-3 miles. It took 9 miles to ease into my run. My legs felt like lead the ENTIRE time! What I should have done was quit at mile 3 and table my long run for Sunday but I already had Sunday plans so I had to stick it out. 


11 down, 6 to go. BURGER BOUND.

I write this a lot on my blog, that when you're feeling shitty smile through it. It works. It works, it works, it works. Now don't get me wrong, it's not a miracle cure for a shitty workout, but smiling really does help. It shuts your brain down a little and distracts you from feeling angry and annoyed. This is what it looks like to force a smile -- 

I stopped to walk for a water break/motivational pep talk every 2 or 3 miles and I was struggling the entire way. 

           IT WAS SO HOT! SO SO SO HOT! 

                      Captain Struggles.

To add insult to injury, I was meeting Gregg right next to the Freedom Tower so I had this giant landmark that felt incredibly far away. I kept saying, "JUST one more. Just one more mile." I wanted to crawl in a ball and die when I got to him. But my reward was a Stone IPA and a cheeseburger. I inhaled both and it was love at first sight. 

"Burger. Beer. Burger. Beer."  That was my mantra. 

Finally. <3 

I don't think I've ever been so excited to eat a burger in my life.

Some runs are going to try every fiber of your being. This was one of them. But I had nothing better to do. It was 3 hours of my life that I suffered through and it was a reminder of just how strong I am mentally. I didn't quit. I didn't say, "This is hard so I'm going to wait for another day when it's easier." Every single mile counts. I don't care how fast you run, if you run 6 minute miles or 14 minute miles, every mile is a mile closer to your finish line. I have no regrets and I'm glad I stuck with it. Hopefully that's my only really awful long run of this training cycle. (But seriously, there better not be another one of those runs.)  

From Barre to Brunch 

It's SIX:02 week!!!! SIX:02 is one of my favorite stores in the entire world. Everything they do is dedicated towards getting you to look and feel your best and inspiring you to want to be the best that you can be. (Make sense why I love them?)  "It's Your Time" is their motto and not only do they make shopping for fitness clothes easy but they create a community with the #SIX02Moment. They are offering all sorts of special discounts, free fitness events and giveaways during SIX:02 week. CLICK HERE for more info. For my #SIX02Moment, I decided to try the bar method!

Bar classes have been really hot in the fitness world for a while now but somehow I've never tried one. I figured there's no time like the present so I booked a class, put on my comfiest (and foxiest) Under Armour outfit from SIX:02 and took off for SoHo. I rolled my ankle moments before walking into the studio. I had a heart attack, screamed some expletives and had a moment of, "Do I workout or do I go home... After taking a minute, I realized I could put weight on it without it hurting so I decided that it wasn't that bad and that I was going to go through with class. 

The bar method is not for me. It was really, really, really boring and no one in my class looked like they were having any fun. Not only that but everyone ignored each other! No one smiled and everyone seemed to have the "Let's get this over with" attitude. When I walked out of the room I didn't get that "Now THAT was a workout" feeling and overall, it just wasn't my thing. There were definitely challenging portions of the class, I was shaking, huffing and puffing throughout but I personally didn't enjoy it. Luckily, I had brunch to look forward to after class with my sister and our friend Kate. Nothing makes you forget having to suffer through a boring workout like pancakes and an omelet, AMIRIGHT?! 

Whenever I'm marathon training I always get really weird cravings for food -- last year when I was training for New York I craved wedge salads (which is weird because I don't really like blue cheese or bacon) and this year it's caprese salad (which is also weird because I don't like tomatoes or cheese). As I was making my caprese salad I noticed I couldn't really put weight on my ankle without it hurting. It had blown up like a balloon so I spent the rest of the day on the couch icing and elevating while I watched Harry Potter on ABC Family.  (I hadn't watched TV in weeks so it was pretty delightful to sit on a couch and do nothing for a few hours.) 

I had PT with Mike on Monday and he told me no running until I'm pain free. (He thinks that will be 3-5 days and I'm already feeling much, much better. But gotta be smart while marathon training so no running until I'm 100%.) While I let my ankle heal, I'm spinning and taking advantage of different classes. Monday I took my first Pilates class and this morning I went and kicked some ass at FlyWheel. 

So you see, no matter how hard you try to avoid them training speed bumps are always going to be thrown your way. All you can do is roll with the punches and do your best to keep up and stay injury free. Here's how my training has been progressing. We're getting closer and closer to the San Francisco Marathon! 

That being said I still need your help! I have entered Runner's World Cover Search and I need your votes! I decided to enter because when I look at the cover of any fitness publication, I don't see people who look like me! I don't see people who are running for their lives, for inner strength or to defy their own odds. I don't see people who aren't naturally athletic! I run because I love running. I want to show the world that you don't have to be a world class athlete to love running and fun making impossible possible. That is why I need your help. Help me show the world just how much fun running can be. You can vote with both Facebook and Twitter and if you're an over achiever, you can vote daily. If you would like to see me on the cover of Runner's World, please CLICK HERE, vote and spread the word! 

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.