6 Reasons to Workout During Your Holiday Break

Given the choice between being a Holiday glutton and getting sweaty, I will always choose being a holiday glutton. If you’re anything like me, finding the motivation to work out during a Holiday break is pretty much impossible. I go into it with every intention of running first thing in the morning but as I go to set my alarm I think, “Who sets an alarm during a vacation? You know what, I’ll just run when I wake up naturally.” Then, of course, that doesn’t happen. There are so many more pro’s than con’s to getting sweaty over a holiday break. Here are 6 reasons to suck it up and workout this holiday season:

 1.     More Running, Less Problems

i was right

What’s the #1 stressor that Santa inadvertently delivers every year? Family. I love my family, but they can STRESS ME OUT. When I’m not dodging questions about who I’m seeing, how work is, what I am doing with my life, how I’m spending and saving money, and then swallowing their wonderful advice and opinions, running is a perfect way to work out some frustration or anxiety. Making time to workout during the Holiday's will keep you from setting the house on fire.  

 2.     Get Out of Cleaning Free Card

cat dishes

I often feel guilty slipping away for some one on one Kelly time. It normally happens right after a meal when everyone is cleaning up. I disappear towards the end of a meal, proclaim I am going for a run, and then literally run out the door before anyone can tether me to cleanup. But making a workout a priority is the only way I can make it happen, otherwise a trillion excuses will present themselves and I'll end up cleaning and then sitting on the couch, gossiping, and inhaling a Christmas cookie (or 20).

3.     Guilt Free Eating


Working out means guilt free eating. I’ve said it before, it's no secret I run to eat. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by running so you can eat everything. No that doesn’t rhyme but it just makes sense. Going for a workout helps keep those, "I'm a pig why did I just eat an entire gingerbread house" at bay. Find the time to workout. Just do it.

4.     Head start to the New Year

new year

Don’t wait for the New Year to kick start a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve always wanted to be a runner, put on your running clothes and go for a run right now. It’s all about drive and dedication so if you think waiting for the New Year and a “clean slate” will keep you accountable, think again. The only way you will make a change is if you do it today. No excuses.

5.     Schedule and Sanity


I like having some sort of a schedule. Amidst the chaos and insanity it helps to know that when I wake up I get an hour to myself to run. It’s a control thing but it helps me get through the Holidays without strangling my sister. Working out has to be a priority otherwise that little schedule means nothing.

6. Workout With Your People

friends workout

I love getting that one on one time with my cousin or my Aunt to go for a run or a walk. It’s the perfect escape and I feel infinitely less guilty about slipping away while everyone else does dishes when I have a partner in crime! And because we're alone I get to get the actual scoop on what gossip they know or what is going on in their lives.

Finding the motivation to workout after you've spent a morning inhaling sugar is hard. Saying no to a night out isn't the most fun. But in that moment before you rest your sweet cheek against your pillow and think, “No I don’t want to set an alarm,” remember this; only you can prevent Holiday anxiety. Avoid those mid Holiday passive aggressive blow ups by taking your frustration out on your workout. Then reward yourself with an entire pumpkin pie. It’s in everyone’s best interest, trust me, I'm a doctor. (DISCLAIMER: I'm actually not a doctor.) Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve everyone. Ho ho hope your holiday travels aren’t a nightmare! Until tomorrow, #RunSelfieRepeat.