The Struggles Of Morning Workouts Are Real

Look I'm a morning person and I STILL hate waking up early to workout. If the suns not up, you best believe that I'm pitching a fit about waking up to run or workout. It's not normal! It's the worst! But when you're juggling a full time job, family, social life, romantic life etc. etc. etc.  and trying to train for an endurance race, sometimes you have to make the sacrifice and get up before dawn. Here are 7 times Disney Princesses Personified my existence as a runner ---

1. When you tell your significant other to wake you up NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU FIGHT THEM!

2. When you eat an extra bagel because you're allegedly going to run tomorrow.

3. When your race is right around the corner and you can't afford to skip a workout.

4:30am alarm begrudgingly set. Who else is waking up way too early tomorrow? #RunSelfieRepeat

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4. When you know you're going on vacation and you'll be eating all the pizza the city has to offer.

5. When you realize that the time to get in shape is now because...WINTER IS COMING!

6. When you can't stay out with friends or significant others because you have to run in the morning.

My life. #RunSelfieRepeat

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and finally...

7. When you can't get through the day because you can't stop eating.

LITERALLY I WANT TO EAT ALL OF THE FOOD!!!! #Runger #RunSelfieRepeat #RunToEat

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The struggle is real! (AM I RIGHT!?!? Here are the 11 stages of waking up early to workout as told by emojis!) To all of you who manage to wake up early and workout regularly, I salute you. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.