7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

I think we all can agree that all breakups SUCK. Whether it's unrequited love, getting cheated on, blindsided, if your significant other was like "It's not you it's me," if you get email broken up with, or if you gently and amicably grew apart, it is never fun having to put yourself back together after a breakup. So whether you're freshly broken hearted or having trouble moving on, here are 7 times running can help you through a breakup:

When You Stop Showering.

7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

Want to know what happens when you run? You sweat! If you're having trouble finding the motivation to shower, go for a run. Then you don't have an excuse not to shower because you'll be gross, and not just "I haven't got out of bed for 4 days gross."

When You Couldn't Get Off The Couch.

7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

I'm all about spending quality time with your couch binge watching everything on Netflix post breakup. Your heart was just stabbed with a rusty love sword! I totally get that you don't want to run into anyone, do anything or get dressed. But spandex pants are essentially pajama pants you get to go out in public in so peel yourself off your couch for 30-60 minutes and go for a run. Fresh air will help. Bonus points for crying while you run. Don't forget your sunglasses wink wink, nudge nudge.)

Exercise Gives You Endorphins. Endorphins Make You Happy.


Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don't sign their ex up for thousands of spam emails. (You know who you are.) An endorphin high is accessible, cheap and most importantly legal! When you feel like total and absolute sh*t, nothing will help you make it through the day like a good old fashioned endorphin high.

You're Hitting the Ben and Jerry's Pretty Hard.

7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

So the only making out you're doing is with a pint of ice cream, I'm not judging you! Ice cream, nutella and take out food are basically the antidote to a breakup. But all that delicious food is probably contributing to the fact that you feel like you've been run over by a bus. Running will not only help you qualify that extra slice of pizza but it will help keep you feeling healthy while Ben and Jerry help you through this rough time.

Blame It On the Alcohol.

7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

Have you spent the last week celebrating wine o'clock? First and foremost you need to make the world's grooviest running playlist. (We're talking Robyn "Dancing on my Own," Whitney Houston "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and Beyonce "Best Thing You Never Had") and then you need to go for a dance run.

When You're Ready to Start Dating Again.

7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

Dating is exhausting. It's a serious time and energy commitment but if you're training for something no one will hassle you about dating because they know you're busy being a badass! So instead of, "Don't you think it's time to get back out there?" Your friends will be like, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING TO RUN A HALF MARATHON. YOU'RE SO AMAZING." It's your get out of jail free card! Then when you're ready to date, you get to humble brag to your new lady or gentleman caller about how bad ass you are running all those miles! They'll be like, do you want to split desert? And you'll be like, "NO! I run so I'll have my own desert thank you very much." And they'll be like, "You're right. Have I mentioned how amazing and muscular your behind is? Wow. You're to good to be true." EVERYONE WINS!

When You Were Like "Yeah I Ran A Half Marathon, What Are You Doing With Your Life."

7 Times Running Helped You Through A Breakup

I don't care if you ended things on a positive note or if you crashed and burned, everyone wants their ex to look at them and think, "I've made a terrible mistake." Want to know what the best feeling in the world is? Running into each other post breakup after running a half or full marathon. Sure you've moved on and you're obviously doing bigger and better things -- but it's a great feeling when you get to be the one who goes on to do incredible things after they broke your heart.

Go to any women's only race and I bet a good half of them started running because they got their heart broken. Running is the PERFECT way to get over a breakup! Trust me! It's helped me through quite a few times now. Don't get mad, go do something incredible. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.