89 Days Until The Chicago Marathon BQ OR BUST

OH MY GOD! We are officially 89 days away from the Chicago Marathon! For those of you just tuning in, I set a terrifying and seemingly impossible goal to shave 27-ish minutes off of my marathon time (My PR is 3 hours 59 minutes and change) to run 3 hours and 32 minutes during this year's Chicago Marathon. Why? Because that is the time I need to run to qualify for the Boston Marathon (BQ as they call it in the running world). Now my actual qualifying time is 3:37 but because life isn't fair, the safest bet is to run 3:32 to make sure that I actually get in to the race. It's a pretty intimidating goal but I'm working my ass off trying to make it happen.

Sounds easy enough right? Not so much. You see, I've never actually followed a training plan before. I was always the type of runner who ran for fun and used training plans more as guides than as lifelines. But this year, I started doubting myself and holding back more than I'd like to admit and I knew that something had to change. That change came in the form of an impossible goal and HERE WE ARE!

At first, I was just going to write about my journey here on Run, Selfie, Repeat but one of the reasons I get frustrated with blogs is how easy it is to hide the not so glamorous side of endurance running. I'm not naturally athletic. I struggle more than I succeed and I want to show just how difficult trying to BQ is! So I came up with the idea to create a video series called "BQ Or Bust" and I started putting out a few videos a week that showed what I was going through.

But even then I found myself censoring the not so fun, embarrassing and frustrating parts of my training. It's embarrassing when even a 5 mile recovery run is a struggle! So I made the decision to do daily vlogs and even though I'm getting a lot less sleep, it's almost impossible for me to censor the struggle so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Here's what has happened since our last BQ or Bust Update...

022 I'm Not A Morning Person

I think the biggest surprise is how easily I get intimidated when I'm working towards BQ-ing. It's really hard to not get caught up in my marathon goal pace versus the pace I'm running at today. When I'm on a tempo run or a long run and I look down and see 9 minute miles or feel labored running an 8:30, I panic because 8:15 is the pace I have to run during Chicago. But I'm still 90 days away! If there is one thing running will teach you, it's patience. It's just mind boggling how quickly I forget that.

Regardless of what you're working towards, remember to stay present. Always run towards your goal but don't let your goal intimidate you. Focus on what you can do today and only today. Remember that progress doesn't happen overnight. It takes a ton of tiny uncomfortable steps. The only way you'll fail is if you fail to try! We can do this!

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