Dear Media: Stop Exploiting Our Fear of Fat

For decades, we've watched a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry change the way we see perceive health. Honestly, the health vs. weight debate became so exaggerated and abused that we stopped leading healthy lifestyles and we became obsessed with thinness. 

I'm tired of watching the mainstream media do little to stop the abuse. I'm tired of seeing women who are already showing up and leading healthy, active lifestyles shamed for not being thin. When I look at the picture Shape used to promote that reckless tweet, I see myself...

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Finding Strength In Both Darkness and Light

I find it so inspiring to be apart of the sisterhood that is Oiselle, a brand that tells the story of what it means to be a woman. Both the ugly, difficult, strong, courageous, and the beautiful. It's hard to bring your story into the light. It's dangerous to be vulnerable. But it's the only way. The only way you can be strong in both the darkness and the light is if you're honest with yourself. 

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