A Virtual Turkey Trot For Everyone

With Thanksgiving less than a week away we are in the heart of Turkey Trot season. What's a Turkey Trot? It's a fun run, normally around a 5k/10k that happens on Thanksgiving! It's the perfect way to start your holiday splendor of sticking your fingers in the mashed potatoes or sneaking into the kitchen for a spoonful of stuffing. (No just me? OK moving on...)

Here's a ridiculously convenient way to fit in that turkey trot this year (if you're like me and missed the signing up for a Turkey Trot boat...): you can run a virtual 5k for charity! Say what? What does that mean, that sounds like a bunch of Hocus Pocus! NO! NO IT'S NOT MY SKEPTICAL FRIENDS! It couldn't be easier! Everyone wins you get to eat your Thanksgiving feast guilt free AND support a great cause by signing up for Courage to Hope's Virtual 5k: 'Run for Hope.'

How does it work? Well the beauty is that you can run this 5k whenever and wherever you want between November 24th and November 29th. (Basically you don't have an excuse not to do this runners...you're running that far anyways!)

Step 1: Run/Walk 3.1 Miles (at least)

Step 2:  Take a screenshot of your time from any running app (RunKeeper, etc.)

Step 3: Upload it onto social media with the hashtag #RunForHope2014.

There are amazing prizes for the winners of each age category so don't phone that run in! Registration supports victims of domestic violence in Ukraine and gets you a great T-shirt. Sign up and find out more CLICK HERE!

It's the Holidays everyone, remember there's more to it than panicking, stressing about presents, and feeling overwhelmed. Do something for yourself and for someone who needs it. And remember to breath and smile. We will get through the holiday's together. I got an arsenal of jokes ready to go. Until Monday, #RunSelfieRepeat.