Berlin Marathon Training Week 1

Week 1 of training for the Berlin Marathon, CHECK! Now I know what you're thinking, "WEEK 1?!?! But the race is less than 6 weeks away! Are you insane?" Yes, yes I am insane but for other reasons. Let me preface this by saying I have no clue what I'm doing. I swear my miCoach watch gave me a very judgmental look when I tried to figure out how to recover from last month's San Francisco Marathon and then get ready for both the Berlin and New York City Marathons. This was the conversation we had...

Kelly: "Hey Adidas miCoach watch, I know I just met you but how do I recover from that marathon I unintentionally ran and run a sub 4 hour marathon at the Berlin Marathon and then have a good time during the NYC Marathon?"

Adidas miCoach Watch: "No. No to all of this."

Kelly: "You aren't supposed to judge me."

Adidas miCoach Watch: "Says who? You're insane and I don't support this. I don't understand what made you want to run three marathons. Why did you want to run three marathons?"

Kelly: "I don't know...Don't scare me. I'm freaking out now!"

Adidas miCoach Watch: "Don't freak out. I am sorry."

Kelly: "It's OK. I just really need your support on this."

Adidas miCoach Watch: "I don't really have a choice do I? I'm a watch. You run I run, right?"

you run i run right

Kelly: "Adidas miCoach Watch, did you just make a Titanic reference?"

Adidas miCoach Watch: "Yes because this is a sinking ship."

Kelly: "Perhaps, but there's room on this wooden door for both of us. I won't let you freeze to death and die like that heartless witch Rose."

Adidas miCoach Watch: "Right back at you."

So with my Adidas miCoach watch's support, week 1 of Berlin Marathon training is complete! It was really important to me to take 2 complete weeks off after the San Francisco Marathon. That wasn't too hard because I was on vacation the first week and there was no time for running! I loved taking a break to re-charge and recover but I was having such a hard time getting to bed every night and then waking up in the morning while I wasn't running! I felt lethargic and sluggish all week and it was driving me nuts. Now that I'm running again, I finally feel back to normal. So here's what I've been up to,

Monday I went in to my favorite Physical Therapist Mike Riccardi to assess the damage from the San Francisco Marathon. Here's how that went...

My Soleus muscles are a hot mess because I can't seem to stop heel striking. This hurt so bad I actually started sweating when he worked them. Nothing a ton of foam rolling and PT can't fix though! I literally would be doomed without Mike. He is a wizard and arguably my favorite person ever.

Tuesday I joined my friend and Lululemon Ambassador Chloe Lasseron's track workout. Everyone did 2 mile repeats but I opted for one mile repeats because I'm still getting back into the swing of things. It was rough and hot but it felt good to run hard. I hate speed work and the girls I run with are 1-2 minutes faster than I am but they keep me accountable and remind me that no one just runs fast, you have to work for it.

Wednesday morning it was back to Physical Therapy before work. Later I joined Gregg (who is another Lululemon Ambassador)'s group run. That run is an easy 4 miles so I decided to try to push the pace on the first mile, run 2 easy, and then push the pace on the last mile. (I'm aware that that makes no sense. But that's what I did.)

Thursday was my company's Summer Party and let's just say my workout for the day was lots and lots and lots of dancing.

Friday was a rest day and I foam rolled for about 36 hours (That's not true, more like 15 minutes...) and then it was an early bed time because I had a 16 mile long run in the morning.

Saturday I joined Chloe and company again for Summer Streets! Here in New York we do this really amazing thing called Summer Streets and they shut down Park Ave from 7 am until 1 pm so New Yorkers can run, walk, bike, roller blade (YOU NAME IT) through the streets! We started at 72nd and 5th Ave and ran down to the Brooklyn Bridge. I lost them about a mile in but ran with some of Chloe's teammates from Gotham City Runners. I decided not to run to the Lululemon Store in Brooklyn and instead turned around and ran back to Central Park so I could do a loop with some hills.

Once I got to Central Park though I changed my mind and decided to stay on Summer Streets and I'm glad I did because I ran into all sorts of friends! I did a couple of miles with my friend Caroline who I hadn't seen since she made Gregg and I Gelato on the Fourth of July. (She's ridiculously talented and the pastry chef at a delicious restaurant called Maysville.)

Then I ran into my friend Stephanie who ran a few miles with me before hopping on a Citi Bike to keep me company until I finished. I set out to run 16 miles but was having a really good run and I knew we were having Ice Cream Sundaes after family dinner so I decided to do 20 miles instead of 16. (Because any normal person would happily run 4 extra miles so they can have 2 ice cream sundaes instead of 1...)

I was dead. It was SO hot by the time we finished. But we found this really amazing juice spot and got some delicious smoothies before high fiving and parting ways. (I love my friends for keeping me company on my long runs. It's so much easier to have people to hang with on those really long runs. I am forever grateful for them.)

This was also my first long run with my new Adidas Ultra Boosts and CAN I JUST SAY HOW OBSESSED WITH THESE SHOES I AM?!?! They are the lightest shoes I've ever worn in my life. It's trippy how light they are. I guess I'm used to really heavy and bulky shoes because it still just totally throws me off how light they are. I walked around in them all weekend, that's how comfortable they are. I can't believe I've never worn Adidas shoes before. These may be my favorite shoes I've ever worn. Ever. EVER EVER EVER. I'm obsessed and in love with them. (I wore them to work, that's how in love with them I am.)

Then I went over to my cousins house in Brooklyn for endless hugs, dancing and tacos. I love whenever I get to see them because we always just laugh and laugh and laugh. Then we did Karaoke and I got my behind handed to me. (It got pretty intense...)

Sunday I decided to take a recovery day and go to FlyWheel for a 60 minute spin class. I'm normally really particular about the instructors I take class with (if I'm spending a million dollars on a spin class, it's very important that I love my instructor) and I took a gamble on someone I'd never taken class with before named Leah Clark and I AM SO GLAD I DID. She was awesome and kicked my ass!!! I scored my second highest score ever! I love FlyWheel, it's my favorite favorite favorite way to cross train because I get such a killer workout.

After class I took a shower and headed out to meet up with some friends at Prospect Park WHEN THERE WAS BASICALLY A FLASH FLOOD! I felt a drop and thought "WHAT?" I checked my weather app and it, of course, said 0% chance of rain. Then the heavens opened up and dumped a million pounds of water out of the sky. IT WAS INSANE! We were trapped in this little tunnel with what felt like 100 people! There was a guy with a guitar playing music and another group with a BBQ handing out hot dogs. Only in New York can you take a downpour and turn it into a party!

After getting soaking wet, I went home and decided to do some work. This weekend was hot y'all! It was 86 degrees in my apartment and I'm too cheap to turn on the air conditioning so I literally was just sitting on ice packs.

This morning it was back to PT and I finally feel like I'm back in the swing of things! (This is me working on my six pack at Physical Therapy.)

Only 3 weeks until I get to taper! This is the best marathon training ever! It's gonna be over before I know it! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.