BQ or Bust Take 3...You Ready?

There's something contagious about watching people struggle to believe in themselves because it's a universal experience. The platitudes tell us to dream big or reach for the stars. To step outside of our comfort zones and dare to fail. But they don't tell us how, why, or what that actually looks like.

Dream big means setting goals that make you stronger. That force you to step outside of your comfort zone and grow as a human. I use running as an example because it's tangible and it's what's helped me dream big in my everyday life as well. 

I honestly didn't think I would go for it again.

The entire point of BQ or Bust was to see what happens when I give everything I have towards this impossible goal to shave 25 minutes off of my marathon time and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

But here's where I've been for the last seven months, trying to pick myself up and move past the resentment I felt after I dared to dream big and then crashed and burned.

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon isn't really about qualifying for the Boston Marathon. It's about rumbling with what I think I'm capable of. Chasing after impossible and trying to BQ has been a game changer in my fight against taking the easy road or avoiding the challenges that feel too risky. It's changed the way I see and feel about myself and it's given me the gift of redefining what strength looks like.

But this go around, things are going to be very different. I'm not rushing anything. The goal is to make impossible, possible and to tell the stories of all the women chasing impossible right alongside me. Because I don't want to go through this alone and every year, come December, I watch people set goals to lose weight or go to the gym more. 

Why not set a goal to cross a finish line that will change your life? Or set a goal to see what you're actually capable of? Why not set out to see how strong you can get when you dare to make impossible, possible?

Whether your goal is to become a runner, run your first distance race, or hit a time that feels unattainable, that's what we're doing.

Because 2018 is about chasing impossible. 

Start thinking about your goal. BQ or Bust take 3 is coming soon. So head over to my YouTube channel, hit subscribe, and hop onboard the struggle bus. This sh*t isn't easy and it sure as hell isn't going to be pretty. But I didn't sign up for easy. I signed up to kick ass, take names, and see what I'm capable of. 

What do you have to lose?

Grab your #BadassLadyGang and get ready to dream big.

2018 is ready?