Expectation and Reality of Becoming a Runner



Nothing makes my blood boil faster than a picture, video, or article that makes running seem easy and effortless. Running is ANYTHING but easy and effortless. Becoming a runner is next to impossible for a hell of a lot of people (myself included) so someone please explain to me why we put up with brands who make running seem like a walk in the park? 

I never thought I would become a runner because my experience was NOTHING like the expectation video you see above. I couldn't run for 30 seconds without having to stop to catch my breath. It took me 4 years and 5 marathons to feel confident enough to run in a sports bra! When I was first getting started, I had shoes from Nordstrom Rack that were two sizes too small, cotton socks that never matched, two sports bras with holes in them, maybe three from Target, and two pairs of leggings. I felt like a sack of bricks moving through peanut butter, my face was always redder than a beet, and I produced enough sweat to end a drought. I walked 90% of my runs and I still felt like I was going to die. How I stuck with it through those first initial painful weeks of "running" is a miracle.  

I love inspirational content. The workouts in the expectation video are great! They work...once you've developed both the physical and mental the strength to make them happen. Just promise me that you won't let the fact that you can't run for 30 seconds discourage you! Everyone has to start somewhere! My road to becoming a runner was a total struggle but if you're willing to fight for it, you'll be knocking out a 5K before you know it! Be patient and celebrate what you can do. 

Shoutout to all the big brands, if you could stop making running seem effortless, that would be awesome. 

Feel proud that you're out there trying. That's a huge win!

**Produced and shot by Mayuran Tiruchelvam