Getting Motivated to Work Out...Because Life

I am having the hardest time getting motivated. Want to know how many times I worked out last week? 1. Want to know how many miles I ran last week? 3! Getting back into the swing of things after this teeny tiny break has been tough. I should be the tour guide of guilt trip lane because I did not foam roll or go to the gym once. I’m not even supposed to be running but I've been making excuses and neglecting to go to the gym for 30 minute bike rides. OOPS. MY BAD! I’m only human! Honestly I feel like I am back to square 1. Putting running clothes into a backpack today was 10 times harder than it needed to be. I’m willing to equate it with doing your taxes. OK that’s a touch dramatic but I came up with some really convincing excuses to avoid the gym this week. Want to hear them?   

1. I have friends from California in town so I don’t have time after work to work out.

2. I don’t want to hurt myself.

3. I haven’t gone grocery shopping so tonight I have to go grocery shopping to avoid getting takeout. Then I have to make the food time.

4. My body needs sleep.

5. All of my running clothes are dirty and I don’t want to do laundry. (Ok this is a blatant lie, so shoot me.)

6.  Work has been crazy.

7. I couldn’t get myself out of bed this morning. I was so tired and it was cold and my bed was warm...

8. I haven’t been on a date in over a month so I’m gonna take a week and go on some of those dates I kept postponing.   

Whether you took some time off or if you are starting a brand new healthy journey getting started is really, really hard. It’s easy to get distracted if you’re not used to giving up a dinner with your friends or getting up early to get sweaty. I’m serious, just showing up to the gym or getting out the door can be a huge accomplishment during those first few weeks.

Self-discipline (you know that thing we are all supposed to have control over) is a muscle and the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. It takes extreme self-discipline and motivation to go work out after a long day or to have to say no to fun outings with significant others or friends. So where does that motivation come from? I have to have a goal because I can’t just go to the gym to work out. Setting aside 30 or 60 minutes a day to work out to me means climbing on a bike or elliptical, watching Bravo or my boyfriends on Property Brothers, obsessing over how long I've been working out, and then quitting at least 15 minutes early. It happens every time. But if there's something I'm training for or running from (ie a breakup, grief, or a bad day), I'll find the time to run without blinking an eye. (Though those days still happen. I'm human.)

I realized after I lost a significant amount of weight that the sole desire to lose weight won’t get me to or keep me at a gym. Losing weight doesn’t make sense to me and it’s not something that I equate with fun. In fact the second I think about losing weight I feel a sense of dread. So I stopped thinking about it. I now complain my way through squats so I can be as strong for an upcoming race. I make time to run so I can eat cake if it shows up at the office. That makes sense to me.

If you aren’t having fun while you sweat, you’re wasting your time. But remember that getting to that point takes time. I dread working out until its second nature. The key is to make it apart of your daily schedule. I have to plan my entire week out in advance to make it work. It’s the only way I’ll get up early to work out if my week is booked. It's the only way I don't skip workouts after committing to do something I don't have time to do. Try something new, set a goal, and stick with it until it becomes a part of your routine. And then if you’re still not having fun, try something else.

It may feel like the slowest uphill climb as you get started but just know it will get easier. It’s not all downhill from there, but at least it's not uphill.

Big news Y’all! This weekend I am flying out to Dallas to run the ‘It’s Your Time SIX:02 Inaugural 6k!’ I’ve never been to Dallas so I am beyond excited to not only get to run this 6k but to see the Lone Star State! The race takes place at Klyde Warren Park this coming Saturday, November 15th. CLICK HERE to register and for more information about the race! So register today so you can run, take selfies, and cause trouble with me after the race!

Until tomorrow friends, #RunSelfieRepeat.