Help Us Create the Ultimate Badass Female Running Coach List

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In 2017, 57.8% of race finishers were women.

Crazy right?


No, it’s not. Women are dominating the running space. Women HAVE been dominating the running space for years. (Shoutout to all the men who told us our uteruses would fall out if we ran long distance just 50 years ago.) But despite the fact that women outnumber the dudes, finding a running coach who isn’t a dude can seem harder than actually running a marathon. Which is crazy town because there isn’t a shortage of badass lady running coaches.

At least, there isn’t a shortage for everyday runners. From youth running clubs to collegiate and elite athletes, they’re are all coached by men. Check out these stats and fight the urge not to light everything on fire.

So what do we do? GREAT QUESTION! Let’s curate the ultimate badass female running list for all the people out there who are in the market for a new running coach. Whether you are a badass lady running coach or you know one, SEND ME THOSE RECEIPTS. CLICK HERE or click the fancy button below and fill out the form so that your badass female running coach can be added to our list.


Kick ass. Take names. Girl power.