Let's Make The ULTIMATE Sports Bra Guide

ATTENTION #BadassLadyGang, I need your help!!! When it comes to sports bras, no two boobs are the same (pun intended). Some women opt for a little more bounce if it means they can breathe easier. Others prefer that their boobs be strapped down like a straight jacket! We like what we like! But here's the thing, there's a lot of noise out there when it comes to the BEST SPORTS BRAS ON THE MARKET!

Lululemon sells one for $100 and claims it'll make your dreams come true. (Slight exaggeration.)

Victoria's Secret makes one that women love but we never hear about.


Because they're always changing! 

Look, last week, I took off for a 16 mile long run in one of my absolute favorite sports bras that, suffice it to say, is ready to be retired. The result? I look like I got shot. 

The problem is that my favorite sports bra isn't available anymore. Was it my fault? Yeah, probably. But it's hard to let go of something that was so good to me! IT'S HARD TO REPLACE THE NEAR PERFECT SPORTS BRA! 

As I started my quest for a new trusty bra that won't make me look like the survivor of a Saw movie, I discovered that there isn't a list out there I can actually trust. The lists in publications are click bait and the ones on other websites are influenced by money and free gifts. AND let's be honest, the models marketing the sports bras never have boobs and never look like me!!!  

SO, I need your help to make the ULTIMATE sports bra squad guide! 

If you have a sports bra that you love and trust, SHARE IT.

Here's the information I need:

1. Your name and the name of your favorite sports bra (who makes it, a link to it, and price)
2. A photo of you in said sports bra. (You can crop your face out if you're not comfortable joining the #SportsBraSquad. Mirror selfies are AOK.) **You HAVE to include a picture to be featured. The reason for this is that we rarely get to see women who aren't models in the sports bra. It helps to see the diverse range of strengths represented.** 
3. Your bra size & size of sports bra if not the same (Example: you're a 36D but wear a size L in the sports bra.)
4. What you love about the sports bra.
5. The sports bra's shortcomings. (BE HONEST, you can love a sports bra and still wish it didn't [insert shortcoming here]).
6. How long you've been wearing your sports bra.
7. Bounce rating 1-10. (1-ALL the bounce 10-MY BOOBS DO NOT MOVE.) 
8. Can you breathe or does it feel like a straight jacket? 
9. CHAFING LEVEL 1-10. (1-never bleeds 10-Kelly's bloody shirt level chafing.)

***Sports bra MUST be available for purchase. CANNOT be a discontinued model.**

Can you submit your rating of more than 1 sports bra? YES! 
Will I share multiple opinions on the same sports bra? YES! The point of this is to show real women sharing their real experiences. So if 100 women love the same bra, I think we should know that!

Send your submissions to submit@SheCanandSheDid.com! 

On behalf of everyone in the #SportsBraSquad, I thank you for your submission!