I Want You to Stop Saying, "I'll Start Tomorrow."

Oh hey there friends, I want to play a game. The name of the game is “I see you!” Here’s how we play: please virtually raise your hand if you’ve ever said one of the following:

“I’m going to start eating healthier tomorrow.”

“I’ll work out tomorrow.”

“There’s not enough time to work out today.”

“I don’t want to work out, I’d rather watch Scandal. I’ll get up early tomorrow to run.”

“I really don’t want to get out of bed. I’ll just run hills tomorrow.”

“I’m not even going to lie. I don’t want to work out right now and I’m not gonna do it tomorrow.”

Yeah, I see you! Been there! Said that! Let’s just take a hot second to talk about why you aren’t going to start tomorrow, turns out there is an actual science behind it! Evidently self-discipline isn’t the problem LIFE is! Here’s the thing, tomorrow doesn’t exist. You have absolutely no control over tomorrow. You can be the most driven, motivated, and self-disciplined person in the world but you don’t have any control about what happens tomorrow. You can’t control something that doesn’t exist!

Life is always going to get in your way. You may have every intention of actually getting up early the tomorrow morning to work out or start running but what you accidentally set your alarm to 5:00pm instead of 5:00AM. Another day gone. Or you may have every intention of going to the gym after work tomorrow but end up having to stay at work until 8:00pm. Another day gone. Or say one of your kids wakes up with the flu? Or what if your significant other surprises you with Taylor Swift concert tickets! You just don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring!

Getting started is tough because you don't have an established routine. It’s not until it’s a regular part of your daily schedule and you don't have to think about it that you start looking forward to running or whatever workout you do. Everyone is busy. Life is really tough! Between juggling careers, jobs, families, friends, and school, there’s a lot going on. It’s really hard to carve out time, time that could be spent sleeping or sitting on the couch snuggling with your significant other…or cat. But we all have the same 24 hours.

When I was sitting on the bus headed to the NYC Marathon, I was sitting next to a man who was a triathlete and about to run his 10th NYC Marathon. We started talking because I want to do an Ironman next year but I was telling him I didn’t think I had the time. Someone else asked him if he was still married, he said yes, and they made the joke, “If you’re still married you didn’t train hard enough.” We all laughed but he explained that he and his wife have a deal. He gets up at 3:30 or 4:00 AM every morning to train while his wife, their baby and their toddler are asleep. And that’s how he does it. When you care enough you find time to make it work. It’s what he’s passionate about and if he has to wake up ungodly early to train while juggling a full time job and a family then that is what he’s going to do. And I rolled my eyes and thought you make us all look bad…

NO I’m kidding (kind of) but UGH. He’s definitive proof that excuses are just excuses. You guys stop putting it off until tomorrow. I pose this question to you, how many times have you stopped to ask yourself, “Where has the time gone?” Or “How did I let myself get here?”  I remember before I mustered the courage to admit that I needed help losing the 60+ pounds I gained after I lost my brother I would walk around and tell myself, “Tomorrow I am going to start my diet.”  Tomorrow took months. The good news is that it’s never too late to start something new. That is why I love running. Go watch people run, I guarantee you will see people of all different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages. It’s something anyone can do and there is absolutely no excuse not to.

Tomorrow is going to come whether you like it or not so I recommend just starting today. Take that first step to establish a routine and find time to put yourself first. There are no excuses not to take care of yourself. There are no excuses to avoid the guilt of not doing it sooner. Just start today because today is going to be yesterday before you know it. And guess what, what will happen already has.

And every time you make an excuse or find a reason not to get sweaty remember that I see you. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter y’all! Have a fantastic weekend friends. Until Monday, #RunSelfieRepeat.